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Report # 812  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, November 19, 1997.
Two people spot a 7-8 foot tall creature walking on two legs.

YEAR: 1993

SEASON: Summer


DATE: July 1993 around 1:30am

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Monroe County

LOCATION DETAILS: This occurred on Newburg Road east of Rawsonville Road in Monroe County, Michigan.

OBSERVED: My friend and I were driving back home, and we decided to go down the back roads instead of taking the main highway. So we took Rawsonville Road, to Newburg and headed eastbound. We were talking about the upcoming NFL Season, and what teams looked like the most likely candidates to go to the Super Bowl. Also, how bad the Lions are in comparison to other teams.

As we were driving we noticed a dark object over by the right side road. As we drove closer we could see that it as covered with reddish dark hair. I turned to my friend and we both "Oh wow a bear". So we got about 15-20 yards from it and I honked the horn, and it stood up and turned completely around and looked at us, and then turned and walked northbound into the woods, on 2 legs like a human. We both stopped, and were in shock, and we said "oh my God what was it"! We had both windows part way down on my pickup truck, and we could smell an awful odor, like rotten eggs. Then about 30 seconds later my friend and I both said "Bigfoot" at about the same time.

The creature was about 7-8 feet tall, and was very well built. It never made a sound at all, and after about 2 minutes we quickly drove off and headed down to Timbers Road and headed on home to Monroe.

ENVIRONMENT: The area that we saw the creature in was a wooded area mixed with some farmland! The creature headed off to the north. The area to the north is heavily wooded, and has swamps up in the Sumpter area.