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Report # 7830  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, January 21, 2004.
Two teenagers witness something running from a pack of dogs on two legs, screaming very loud. The next day large five toed tracks are found

YEAR: 1967

SEASON: Summer


COUNTY: Lorain County

LOCATION DETAILS: West side of Elyria off State Route 113.


NEAREST ROAD: High Street & Clemens Street

OBSERVED: When I was 16 back in 1967 I was staying at a friends house on the next street over from were I lived. It was around midnight and we were watching TV when we heard some dogs barking like they were after something. We looked out the door and we seen something big like a large human running with the dogs chasing it. It ran under a street light but we still couldn't make it out. As it ran it made some terrible screaming like I have never heard before. The next day I went home and my mother asked me if I heard the terrible screaming sound last night. She said our dog ran and hid under the bed and it scared my sister to death. She said what ever it was it ran right beside our house. I went out and did find some very large bare feet tracks by our house in some mud. But nobody thought much about it when I showed them. We are by some railroad tracks and some woods so I believe it was following them and maybe came looking for food. I still can't explain where the dogs came from. My mother still laughs about our dog running and hiding from the noise it made.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: About midnight and it was nice summer night.

ENVIRONMENT: Small town neighborhood with woods at the end of the street.

Follow-up investigation report:

After talking to the witness he remarked that there was only one track that he could completely make out. It was well over 12 inches long and had five human-like toes. The other tracks were hard to identify due to the rain that occurred that early morning. The actual location of the sighting was at the intersection of High Street and Clemens Street. The scream was a loud hollering scream. It was screaming the whole time when it was being chased by the dogs. His mother heard it the next street over. At the end of High Street there is woods and a couple sandstone quarries. One interesting note is that when the witness tried to show people the tracks in the mud nobody seemed to think anything odd about it. As we all know, the Patterson Film was shot in October of that same year. I wonder what the reaction would have been if it happened after the famous Patterson Film was shot and made public?