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Report # 7512  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, December 7, 2003.
Woman driving sees creature walk into bush

YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Spring


DATE: May 2

PROVINCE: Manitoba


LOCATION DETAILS: In the Fairford Reserve



OBSERVED: May 5th, 2003 I separately interviewed two women who saw sasquatches shortly before my arrival in the Interlake area of Manitoba, that piece of country which separates the giant Lake Winnipeg from Lakes Manitoba, Winnipegosis, and Cedar Lake. Both sightings were on the Fairford Reserve, which lies about 10 miles south of Gypsumville along Lake St. Martin. The two incidents were separated by only a little more than three weeks time and perhaps a mile’s distance.

The more recent sighting occurred just two days prior to my arrival in that country. I spoke in person to the witness, CL, a Native Canadian woman who looked about 30. She had a couple of young kids who played around us as I sat with her at her kitchen table and listened as she told what she had seen as she drove home at about 5:30 P.M. May 2, 2003.

“I saw a big, black, hairy creature walk into the bush,” CL told me. “I got a pretty good view of it; I was driving pretty slow because the road was bumpy… It was from here about a couple of feet to the back of your truck (about 40 yards away). It was pretty big, about seven footish, broad shoulders… I just couldn’t believe what I was looking at. I got home and I said to my husband, I just seen something! And he got a camcorder and went over there but it was already gone.”

CL saw the animal as it walked away so she saw only its backside and not its face. She said it was covered with black hair; she couldn’t tell whether it was a male or a female; and when I asked about its head and neck she said it didn’t have a neck, and that the head was a little pointed on top. She didn’t see the legs because the brush hid them; she saw the creature from about the butt up. It just walked calmly into the bush from where she first saw it just off the gravel road.

I found CL to be completely believable. It was clear she had no interest in sasquatch and had little knowledge of the subject. She spoke to me about her sighting only because I looked her up with the help of a local man who heard she’d seen something.

Curt Nelson
BFRO Curator

OTHER WITNESSES: One witness driving.

OTHER STORIES: There was another good sighting in the Fairford Reserve about three weeks before this one. The report for that sighting follows this report.


ENVIRONMENT: The sparcely populated Fairford Reserve is surrounded by bush on two sides, the Fairford River on one side, and Lake St. Martin on the other side.