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Report # 7399  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, November 17, 2003.
Large Hairy Arm Knocks in Window Screen

YEAR: 1977 or 78

SEASON: Spring

DATE: unsure, late spring or early summer

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Lenawee County

LOCATION DETAILS: (edited) Near Hudson


NEAREST ROAD: Kiel road (edited)

OBSERVED: One night, while lying in bed reading a book, the screen from my window came flying in and landed in the middle of my bedroom floor. As I turned to see what had happened, I saw a large hairy arm reaching in. This all happened fast, so there was very little time to analyze what I had seen, and I just sat in bed, scared to even move. I was around 13 at the time of the incident, the room was long and narrow...roughly 10'L x 20'W, and the window was between me and the door out, so I would have to get across the room and out going past the open window...this took a couple of minutes, as I had to get up the courage to even get out of the bed.

Finally, I ran out of the room and told my dad, who was half asleep and half watching TV in the living room, which was on the other end of the house...2 rooms away from mine, seperated by about 30-40'. Naturally he was a little skeptical...until he saw my screen laying on the floor...then we went out to see if we could see anyone...nobody or nothing around.

Having two brothers and living in the country, I was used to seeing weird things happen so I wasn't too easy to scare...but this was a little beyond what was weird, and my room was soon rearranged so that my bed was on the same side of the room as the door, and I kept the window closed for quite some time after that.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me...reading a book.

OTHER STORIES: I never really put these two incidents together, but looking back...I thought I should report this too. Coming back from Adrian Michigan, a larger town 20 miles from home, a group of us including at least three other kids and two adults and myself, came around the corner and down the hill on Beecher heading for Kiel Rd, when we thought we had spotted a bear standing upright in the clearing by the river. All of us agreed we had seen "something"...but there have never been bear in the area before. I got only a glimpse of the "bear", but I didn't believe that it could have been a bear...we went camping twice a year when I was young, and we went to Yellowstone seven times, where I have seen many a bear at very close range...this one didn't really look like the bear I had seen...but I did only get a short glimpse, as the animal ran off as soon as we got to the bridge going over Bean creek. The land this happened on is almost straight across from Kiel rd, and borders on Bean creek. Across the creek and up the steep hill, was the old boy scouts cabin, and the land to the south was all densly wooded and swampy, with the Bean running through it, for at least two miles until it got to Hudson. It was an open clearing that had recently been planted with small pines...the pines were fresh planted the year or so before, and were only about 3-4 feet tall at the time. It looked as if the animal had something in it's "hand" as if it were eating.
We might have gotten about 100-150 yard from the animal before it ran off, and the time of day would have been probably mid to late evening...I can't remember how high the sun was in the sky, but it wasn't low enough to be in our eyes yet. It was a clear day as far as I can remember. This was only about 3/4 of a mile from our houses...

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Late night...about 1:00 or 2:00am.
It was very dark outside, but I was in my room reading a book, so my room was pretty well lit. It was a clear warm night, and I had the window open, so it was either late spring or early summer.

ENVIRONMENT: Our house was in the country...back when this happened, there was only half a dozen or so houses within a half mile radius...fairly rural. We lived on a 7 acre plot which had a small pond full of fish at the north end of the property. The land used to be farmland, so we had a couple of barns and then behind the barns was a large wooded hillside that led down to Bean creek...this whole area is quite remote, and we never saw anyone in the woods anywhere around us...but we played in this area often, even having a fort in the buckeye grove at the bottom of the hill. All the land across the road was farm land, and there was wooded lots to the north of our thing of least to me... there was an old farm house a quarter mile to the north of us that an old farmer and his wife lived in...the floor was dirt and they butchered hogs in their living room...this shows how life was back at the time of the incident...very rural settings.

Follow-up investigation report:

This witness had originally reported a recent unknown vocalization that he and a friend had heard while mountain biking in this general area. During our conversation he also brought up this incident, and I urged him to file a separate report on it. Credibility is no problem - all location/landmark info has been verifiable, and he is a local businessman with high visability. We are going to do a site visit as soon as schedules can be arranged. This general area of Michigan has produced many sighting reports over the years.