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Report # 736  (Class A)
Submitted on Thursday, February 24, 2000.
while sitting on a tree stand hunter observed bi-pedal creature walking at high speeds.

YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January


STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Osceola County

LOCATION DETAILS: Three Lakes Management Area

OBSERVED: Witness was sitting in tree stand hunting. Noticed creature walking at high speeds, not necessarily running but covering lots of distance in a short time. There was a pugnent odor kind of like that of the zoo where elephants or large animals stay. The way he walked was bipedled, hunched with human sillouete. Coned head with wide shoulders and no visible waist line. Height: 8-9 feet Weight: 4-600 lbs. Hair Color: Black

ALSO NOTICED: Found footprints and fellow hunter in other location also saw footprints.

OTHER WITNESSES: witness and a fellow hunter.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: cloudy and overcast, right before a storm.

ENVIRONMENT: The area is Pine forest with mixture of Oak Hammocks,and swamps. Ground is sandy with some mud mixed in.

Follow-up investigation report:

From the Florida Skunkape Site