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Report # 62432  (Class A)
Submitted by witness No. Keep everything private. on Friday, January 25, 2019.
Landowners describe sporadic incidents over two decades near Cherryville, vicinity of Meramec River

YEAR: 2019

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 25

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Crawford County

LOCATION DETAILS: [Directions and address removed from report -- private property]

NEAREST TOWN: Cherryville


OBSERVED: I am a Missouri resident. Back in 91 or 92 (can't remember which year) I was coming home and coming around a curve when I noticed eyeshine. As I got closer I could see a creature standing on the side of the road, reddish-brown color, at least 8 ft. tall and massive. As the truck lights hit this thing it threw up it's arm and covered it's face. It was not a man in a suit or a bear. When I say massive I mean massive. This thing was anywhere between 600/800 lbs.

As the years went by I moved but within 7 miles from where I saw this creature the first time. I have been here 19 years now. Back in the first years I would come home at night and hear things that I have never heard before, not thinking it was Bigfoot, just not knowing what I was hearing until one night about 2:30am I let my little dog out and heard a holler that was long and to me sounded like a warning. I swooped my little dog up ran in house and shook!

We have 119 acres, mostly wooded. My mother moved a trailer onto my land and was here about 7 years before she passed away in 2010. She would call me and tell me something is hitting her door/trailer at night very hard. She also was throwing rocks out of yard to keep lawn mower from getting them and to her surprise two rocks came right back at her over her head. She never seen what threw them though. That also happened to me when I would be weed-eating her yard.

One time she heard a pack of dogs running and barking. She went out to look and she said all of the sudden something firmly started "talking" in animal language to these dogs and then she never heard the dogs again. She stated that if an 800 lb gorilla could talk, that's what it would sound like.

Around the time she started telling me things were hitting the trailer at night and she was hearing walking around outside. Then it started here at my house. Rocks hitting on house, rocks thrown on top of the house. It came up onto my porch. I heard it scuffle and run off as I was laying in bed. I knew whatever was just on my porch was extremely heavy! I have never been so petrified in all my life. Then the wood knocks the very next night.

My husband worked nights so it was just my daughter and I at home. After my husband retired he was working on my truck at our bottom barn and as he pulled down there he saw something he said was not a man or a bear, but it ran so fast that he didn't know what it was. He said it was big and fast. After that he started finding footprints. He would come and get me and show them to me.

I heard this thing holler on several occasions holler, wood knocking and walking around outside. So much has happened throughout the years here, really way too much to document. I have noticed that it comes around if you sing.

At the end of last summer I bought a cheap little night vision scope. One night i asked my husband "You want to go sit out on the front porch with me? He said OK, so we went out and I took the night vision scope. I turned it on, started focusing it in, and to my amazement there it was in the woods in the darkness 50 yards in front of the house.

As I was looking at this thing I said,"OH MY GOD HENRY IT'S BIGFOOT!!! I'm sure he was thinking "Yeah right." But I handed him the night vision scope, pointed and said it's standing right there. I waited a minute and asked,"Do you see it?" He said "Yes I see it!" I said,"I told you there was a Bigfoot, and it was out here!!"

This thing was standing there watching us as we were watching it. It was approx. 8 feet. or taller, and huge. It's arms hung down past it's knees and kind of curved as like a monkeys would. It's head was crowned to some degree. We passed the scope back and forth to each other. My husband couldn't believe what he was seeing. I watched it crouch down and stand right back up. While we were watching that one, something other than it threw a rock on carport. My big brave husband wanted to walk out to it. I told him it could rip him apart with little effort if it felt threatened. My husband started to walk out to it. There was a sudden flash of movement in the scope and then it was gone. I couldn't see it any more so I hollered out, "I don't see it any more. You better not go out there!" But it was gone.

It has never hurt or threatened us (besides growling at me). In total I saw this creature 4 times and only 1 is questionable. If I didn't see with my own two eyes I would be skeptical too I suppose.

Before I end my report here, my husband informed me as he was walking the dog this morning he heard a wood knock in one direction and a whistle in another. I heard the whistles the other night when i went out to see what the dog was raising cain about.

OTHER WITNESSES: Husband.Father and Mother,Daughter,Sister,Brother n law nieces,Nephew

OTHER STORIES: Yes finally after all these years a neighbor a mile down road had a hugs handprint on his trailer window and saw something outside his house,and believed it to be Bifoot

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It's happens at all different time of day and night here."You just never know

ENVIRONMENT: We live in the Mark Twain national forrest.It's woody, and rocky here in Missouri

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Carter Buschardt:

Jenny has been a Missouri resident since she was two years old. She and her family have been having sporadic activity for at least 19 years. They say they have had periodic encounters with a family of Sasquatches who live on or very near their property. They live on 119 acres.

For years she was hearing all sorts of things she was not familiar with, especially at night. Some were the long "Ohio howls". Some were short violent shrieks or screams. Some were whoops and return calls. The individual incidents with sounds are too numerous to mention here. They are ample in number.

She and her daughter and husband grew to be cautiously accepting of the sounds, as it didn't involve face to face encounters. Fast forward to 2003. Her mother moved a trailer onto their property so they could be close to her. It was close to their home, about 200 feet or so from door to door. Very shortly after moving in and settling down, something began banging on the side and the door of the trailer at night. It was throwing rocks on the roof of the mom's trailer, and then on the roof of her home she shared with husband and daughter. The family assumed something was not happy about the new living arrangements on the property and they were letting them know about it.

They had a couple of dogs. Every now and then there was a pack of dogs that would come by their property and harass their dogs. Their dogs stayed put but the pack dogs would bark and growl. Her mom came out one night to run off the pack, when she heard clear as day something firmly and loudly began talking toward the pack in an "animal language". If an 800 lb. gorilla could speak, that's the sound, she said.

When one of their dogs died, Jenny's husband buried the dog. Her mom planted flowers all around the grave the following year. The next morning they went outside to pay respects and all the flowers had been removed from the holes they were planted in. Each bunch of flowers had been placed next to its hole. No damage to the flowers. They family was floored. She asked me if a Sasquatch would do that. I could only offer conjecture as to why they might want to "unmark" a grave site.

Here is an example of tracks found on the property. This is a fourteen inch track:

The night vision scope event with her husband was important as it finally convinced him that there was something out there in a flesh and blood form. Her description of the creature, down to the height, curvature and length of the arms, is a classic description of these creatures. Her husband, up to that point, had a healthy skepticism regarding their physical existence. He believed his wife was experiencing something. He was also hearing things and seeing some of the peripheral indications up to this point, but for him seeing is believing. Missouri is the "Show Me" state.

Now he is as much convinced of what it was NOT as what it was. One cannot argue with seeing it with your own eyes. He was not confused by an upright bear or any other known animal. I spoke with him directly about this particular sighting and he is a no nonsense guy. It was what it was.

The witness and her family are devout Christians. At no point during my conversations with them did I get any sense of embellishment. Jenny's husband was clear and methodical about events. That is his nature. They wanted nothing other than to tell their story.

Notes from Matt Moneymaker:

The area described in report is a few miles from the Mark Twain National Forest east of Rollo, and a few miles south of the Meramec River. The BFRO has received other reports from the Meramec River area. Much of this terrain is karst (limestone) and full of caves, the most famous of which (i.e. most developed) is Onondaga Cave. See images below:

About BFRO Investigator Carter Buschardt:

Carter is originally from Texas & moved to Missouri in 1988. Professional drummer for 20 years. Improv & sketch comic and writer for 5 years. Lighting technician for major touring groups for several years. Experienced outdoorsman and was a trained investigator for MUFON. Studied Herpetology in college. Longtime special interest in Sasquatch long term habituation, burial research, infra sound, language & stick structures. He led three Missouri BFRO Public Expeditions:, 2012 & 2013 & 2014. Led public expedition for BFRO in Illinois in 2019.Participated in Iowa, 2012 Illinois. Michigan 2016. Private Expeditions: Illinois 2011, 2012, 2013. Missouri 2011, 2012 (3) 2013(2) 2014. Iowa 2012, 2014 & 2015. Consulted on two Animal Planet Finding Bigfoot TV shows. Expedition leader in Missouri 2013 (1) & 2014 (2) & Illinois Expedition 2019 (1). Led night ops on numerous BFRO expeditions. Hosted a public Town Hall meeting in Missouri in 2017.