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Report # 5767  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, February 3, 2003.
Multiple sightings by northern Idaho family

YEAR: 1975-1977

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Bonner County

LOCATION DETAILS: If anyone is going to go back up there and look, I'd like to go also. I intend to go back up there this Summer.

NEAREST TOWN: Buck and Ednas tavern on the Pack River 8 or 9 miles east


OBSERVED: In 1975, North of Switzer Ski area, 6 of us saw a young one about the size of a 10 year old boy. He looked like a 10 year old boy with hair all over it. He walked accross the logging road about 40 yards ahead of us. He turned and looked right at us. While he was crossing us there in the brushy draw, you could hear something that sounded like a Howler Monkey, it appeared to be his Mother.
Later that Fall, about 2 miles South of there, the one that I took to be his Mother, hung around for a couple years. She was maybe less than 5 feet tall, and heavy built with short legs. She was yellow, about the color of a yellow Cocker Spaniel. She had long beautiful wavy hair and her hair on her head was long enough you could not see her ears. She would come up and eat cob with molasses on it out of the horse pen.
In 1975, we had built a little plywood shack, and we did not have enough plywood to fill in one side. It had rained til the Forest Service put a cable accross the road. We could not get in there for a couple days. When we got up there, the big one had taken the boards off the one side off the shack, and threw them in a pile. She went in and picked up a 100 pound sack of horse feed, and carried it out to the other side of the house, and set it out on a roadbank and tore a hole in the center of the sack, sat down beside it, and ate out of it.
Later that Fall, my Son and Daughter and I were waiting for a Man to pick up a load of Cedar waste, I had taken a Dutch oven full of Enchiladas and we heated them over the coals, when the dog started running back and forth and looking up the hill. I told my kids that I thought there was a bear or cougar up there. We'd go see. We went maybe 100 yards down the road, and started up the hill toward the old lookout tower. The stumps were 8 to 10 feet tall in the area, and our Sasquatch was real good keeping a stump between us so you could not get a good look at her. At that time I was in pretty good shape and could out run her going uphill.
My Daughter could out run her too. Sasquatch came to a place where the stumps were pretty far apart, and put her hand up on a stump, and turned around and looked at us. She kept going on up the hill until she came to the next road where a logger had fell the logs on the side of the road. They were about 12-18 inches at the base and laid out across the little hill and they still had the limbs on them. She turned around again and started crawling back under the logs. The dog and I were about 8 feet from her. She was hissing like a cat and swatting at the dog with her hands. She had hands with nails on them just like a persons hands. I heard my Daughter screaming and she was running down the hill just as fast as she could go. I'm not a coward, but I didn't have the guts to crawl under the logs to get a better look at her.
I never got but one more good look at her. A year later the Hound Hunter was running bears with his hounds and he treed this yellow Sasquatch. I knew him and his hounds real well, and was about 300 yards across the canyon from him. He grabbed his hounds, and loaded them up and left. I don't know where she went. I never did see her again after he left, he never came back in there with his hounds. I ran into him in Sandpoint and asked him what he treed with his hounds that day, and he denied even being there.

ALSO NOTICED: My dog was afraid of it, it made a sound like a Howler Monkey that we heard on and off the entire time she was around there. There were 3 of us that got a good look at the yellow one. The man and his hounds got a good look at her too. There are more incidents I'd be willing to talk to someone about.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were 6 of us when we saw the little brown one.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, between Moyie Springs, Idaho and Libby, Montana. Friends of mine have seen sightings of a Bigfoot

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Up the hill about 2 in the afternoon, a cool, sunny, Sept. day.
the guy had her treed about noon.

ENVIRONMENT: logged over Cedar Forest
creek bottoms, Mountain Ridge and all

Follow-up investigation report:

This is an amazing sighting – set of sightings. They occurred in the vicinity of Caribou Lake, which is about 12 miles northwest of Sandpoint, Idaho. DB, the witness, is now 74 years old and still living in northern Idaho. I talked with him twice by phone and his son once. DB’s daughter has no phone so was not reachable.

DB repeated the stories about the yellow sasquatch and the “young one” just as they were written in his report. It’s hard to convey the quality of truthfulness and sincerity evident in his descriptions; all I can say is that I have no doubt that DB was being honest with me. And his sightings, especially the one in which he got to within eight feet of the animal – saw its fingernails and thumb, looked into its eyes – make misidentification extremely unlikely. “It didn’t have claws, it had fingernails like us,” he told me. DB described the “female” as short, fairly squat, but strong looking, and he thought its legs were somewhat bowed – maybe it had some kind of dwarfism, he said.

When I asked DB about the bear hunter and his hounds treeing the female he said he saw the incident fairly well and was certain about it. She stood out on the branch of the tree, he said. I asked about contacting the bear hunter but DB said he’d moved from the area long ago and he had no idea where he went.

DB’s son, MB, who is now 37 years old, lives in Arkansas and is a long-haul trucker. He remembered the sightings – seeing the “hairy kid” cross the trail, and the “blonde one - my dad and sister saw that one a lot better than me,” he said. MB also mentioned that he saw a chestnut colored sasquatch that no one else saw – “I used to take off into the woods… it was just walking by… it seemed twenty feet tall then but it was probably more like seven, eight feet.” He said at first he thought it was a bear, “but it was walking on two legs… it was covered in long hair… it stunk real bad.” When I pressed for details about the sightings he said he couldn’t add much, that he hadn’t really thought about it for years.

MB also told me that back then he saw sasquatch tracks on a few occasions, in mud by the creek and in snow; they were super sized, he said, he could fit both of his feet into one of the tracks. Like his father, MB impressed me as completely truthful. Neither man had any particular interest in whether or not the sighting was published on the BFRO web site. In fact neither owns a computer or has even seen the BFRO web site (DB’s granddaughter helped him by typing in and submitting his report).

When I asked MB if he thought bigfoot was real he replied, “Let me tell you something, they’re there!” DB’s response to the same questions was, “Oh, they’re there, you can count on that. It’s just that they’re so good at hiding. But when you see one you know.”

DB can’t outrun sasquatches anymore; in June he’s having a knee replaced. He told me that if I want to go up there – up there where the cedars were ten feet through – he’d like to go along. Maybe we’ll do that.