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Report # 5262  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 8, 2002.
Woman see's a large bear like thing standing next to dumpster. The next day she finds large human like five toed tracks where it was standing heading into the woods

YEAR: 1997

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: November


COUNTY: Trumbull County

LOCATION DETAILS: Off of State Route 62 on Logangate Road in Liberty Township.

NEAREST TOWN: Youngstown, Ohio

NEAREST ROAD: Interstate 80

OBSERVED: Late in the evening I was pulling my car around the apartment complex when I saw what I thought was a bear. The next day after seeing the tracks near the garbage dumpster area I was convinced it was a Bigfoot. I called the police to show them the footprints and the police laughed at me. I took pictures of them because we had a light snow fall the day before. My father who was from the West Virginia Mountains and knows animal tracks said the tracks couldn't be a bears because of the way the prints were deeper in front and so far apart. As long as eight feet apart he said. At one point my father said it looked like it was reaching for something. The police said that years ago there was a bear in the area, but what I saw the night before and what we saw the next morning was not anything close to a bear. But I will say I felt at peace when I saw him the night before. I wasn't frightened at all. Its face wasn't scary, it was more like a lost and lonely puppy. For years many people in the apartment building and police department made fun of me. But I know what I saw and for being the biggest cowered around I honestly wasn't scared.

ALSO NOTICED: I read on another Bigfoot website that there was a Bigfoot scream heard for miles just a year or two before I saw it.

OTHER WITNESSES: I called the landlord that night. He saw nothing until the next morning when everyone saw the tracks.

OTHER STORIES: I also read where he was seen behind a waterfall up the road from where I saw him.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a cold night the lighting was good and there was snow on the ground. I didnt have my head lights on.he was just standing on the edge of the woods near the trash bin.then moved back slowly while looking at me with a sincere look of friendship. I looked for him many times after that and never saw him again. The time had to be around 8 PM since I got off work at 7:30 PM.

ENVIRONMENT: Quiet area, there's a small river and a wooded area that stretches for miles behind the apartment. More further back is a train track that also stretches for miles.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness added that it was dark in color and stared right at her as she slowly drove by. When the tracks were found the next day she then realized it wasn't a bear and more than likely a Bigfoot. I will classify this report as a Class B because the witness initially thought it was a bear and she supposedly took pictures of the tracks which I'm hoping to get a copy to take a look at.