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Report # 51991  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, June 4, 2016.
Possible track way found in the snow hear Hollis

YEAR: 2016

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: 27

STATE: Maine

COUNTY: York County

LOCATION DETAILS: I wish to keep this private.


OBSERVED: I have seen footprints of what I believe is a juvenile bigfoot. I have pictures. I have also seen what I believe to be bent trees caused by bigfoots.

ALSO NOTICED: Just bent trees found throughout year.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: Morning. Light quality was excellent

ENVIRONMENT: The footprints were near the edge of the woods on a trail used by vehicles but not often I don't believe. They were in the snow and I have seen one later on the side of the dirt road that runs through the area.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jeff Sheppard:

I was able to communicate with Xxxx through a series of email correspondences. Xxxx is 50 years old and works in education in a local school district. He is an avid bird watcher who greatly enjoys the outdoors and spends much of his free time practicing his hobby.

After a series of email messages we decided upon a time to meet and visit the area where he had seen the footprints in the snow. The area is located in Southwest Maine in a local conservation area that has taken old potato fields and returned them to a natural state.

I was impressed with the acres and acres of wild flowers and milk weed with aspen and other young trees repopulating the landscape. I have never seen so many monarch butterflies in one place at a time.

Once past the fields we entered a forest of mixed hardwood and softwood trees. This is where Xxxx had seen the trackway in the snow in February. As we walked the trail through the woods it was evident that there was an abundance of wildlife in the area. We saw deer tracks, fresh bear scat (3 different places), beaver activity at a stream crossing and grouse feathers from a recent kill by a predator of some type.

When asked about the footprints he saw and why he felt they were Bigfoot prints he mentioned they resembled prints he had seen online, in books and on tv. Although he did not have anything to measure them with he estimated them to be 1 ˝ times larger than his size 9 ˝ foot.

Due to their size he speculates that it would be a juvenile. We also noticed a number of odd tree manipulations that did not seem natural including the top of a small tree that had been woven into a circular, lasso type pattern that was approximately 7 feet off the ground. Just something that makes you go hmmm…. when you see it.

Xxxx was also excited to say that just before I had come up to visit he had heard a wood knock coming from an area by the river behind his house a few days earlier late at night. I recommended that he get a recording device and run it all night to see if he could capture any other unusual sounds.

When asked if he had ever experienced anything else Bigfoot related or out of the ordinary Xxxx told me stories of his childhood growing up in rural Allegany County in NY State. He told me of his first encounter while berry picking with his mother at 8 years old when they were startled by a Bigfoot that had jumped from a tree.

In his early teens he would go camping with friends in the woods and they would hear them walking near their campsites once in their tents. He said initially this made him very nervous but the more it happened the more it became second nature. He and his friends would hear them communicating throughout the night with a series of soft whistles. He felt where they camped was a pathway where the Bigfoot passed through and the Bigfoot weren’t necessarily all that interested in them.
In his late teen years while in a gravel pit he was surprised by a loud demonic type scream that really scared him. He could feel this call reverberate in his chest. He heard the sound of falling gravel as if something was coming down one of the gravel pit bankings. He said he was too scared to look and just ran to his car and drove away as fast as he could. In hindsight he wishes he was a little braver and had tried to get a look at it. He felt that whatever it was did not want him around.

Xxxx mentioned that in the county he lived in growing up Bigfoot was an accepted part of daily life. Many people encountered them, did not think much of it and rarely spoke of it outside of the community.

After spending four hours hiking and talking with Xxxx I found him to be very sincere, upfront and honest. He shared his photographs with me and I find him to be quite credible. He wishes the area location stay private as he wants no harm to come to the creatures.

About BFRO Investigator Jeff Sheppard:

Jeff is a Middle School Technology/Engineering teacher from MA. He loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking and camping with his wife and dogs any chance he gets. He has had a fascination with all things that fall into the cryptozoology category since a young age.