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Report # 51304  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, February 24, 2016.
Road crossing seen by mother and daughter travelling at dusk near Salem

YEAR: 2015


MONTH: October

DATE: around the 20th


COUNTY: Columbiana County

NEAREST TOWN: Salem Ohio 44460 heading toward Canfield

NEAREST ROAD: an intersecting biway 9

OBSERVED: Hi..i was driving down TT 62 coming from Salem Ohio about 7 pm dusk on October 20 2015 with my 16 year-old daughter.. we were almost to an intersection of freeway entrance and out of the corner of my eye coming from the left side I notice movement then saw a brown first i thought it was a deer, I have almost hit several in this area. So I started breaking preparing for a deer to jump out but instead a full leg then body came out and stepped in my sight into the I looked I realized it was a bigfoot creature about 8 foot tall covered in long brown fur, very thin. It did not look at me but took the road in two more steps and was across and gone into the woods beside a home's happened so quick it was surreal .All I could do was look at my daughter whose face was in total shock..she started saying .oh my god mom that was really a bigfoot..I cant believe we just saw an actual bigfoot..
she called my sister to tell her...
it was not dark yet .

ALSO NOTICED: I was totally shocked to see one around houses and so close to the city of Salem Ohio

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 other witness. .my 16 year-old daughter was with me in the car

OTHER STORIES: no..but I came home to google bigfoot sightings in Canfield Ohio .that's very close to Salem. Saw 2 other reports. I wanted to report mine also but it didn't give me a option..i just saw this site and where I can report it.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: dusk around 7 pm but with light
it was misty light rain

ENVIRONMENT: It was a rt road with houses spread was about 20 feet from intersecting highway 9

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Amy Bue:

I spoke with the witness and her daughter on the phone, and then went to their home for an interview. Their stories were consistent, and I found them both to be credible.

Adding to what they said in their initial report is the following:

The mother said that the incident happened close to Halloween...probably October 23rd or 24th, 2015. When asked if it could possibly have been a human in a costume, both witnesses adamantly said that because of the size and appearance, that it was not a human.

It was right at the spot where Route 62 dead ends and turns right to head into Salem, OH. She was driving from Salem, approaching that intersection, when she slowed down because she noticed movement to her left. She said deer frequently run across the road in that location, and that she assumed one was about to cross the road. Approximately 20 feet ahead, what she called a "creature" walked out from the treeline and took three (total) steps to get across the road. It was looking straight ahead, and was very skinny.

Both mother and daughter described the creature as having shaggy hair rather than fur, and both said the hair was wet from the misty rain. The mother said that the long arms swung as it walked, and that its "face didn't stick out like a bear's".

When asked if the creature had passed by anything that could give me some kind of scale as to its height, both witnesses said that it had walked "right behind" a street sign, and that it seemed to be approximately 6 inches (when I measured their hand spread) taller than that.

The witnesses took me to the location to show me exactly where this had occurred. When we arrived, no street sign was evident. I walked to the location where they said the creature had crossed, and a noticeable hole was left that indicated a sign had possibly been there at one time. I later called Salem's City Hall to ask about a sign, and they directed me to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. I was finally able to talk to someone who told me that there indeed used to be a sign there, and that their standard practice was to anchor the signs so that the top of the sign was at 7 feet. Depending on the angle that the witnesses saw the creature, this puts it at a possible 7 feet, 6 inches tall.

The mother described the creature as having no visible neck, and that its head was egg-shaped. They both said that after crossing the road, the creature walked through some grass away from the street sign, up a driveway, and behind a house.

All of this was seen while their car's windshield wipers were going at a slow speed.

This part of Columbiana County has several patches of timber interspersed with large farm fields and housing developments. Deer, corn, fruit trees, and water are substantial.

About BFRO Investigator Amy Bue:

Amy Bue: Language arts teacher and writer in Ohio. After experiencing her own class B sighting in 2012, she became active as a Bigfoot researcher through solo investigations. Now she does investigations with friends and colleagues in several states.
Amy has attended several informal expeditions and investigations at Salt Fork State Park, Beaver Creek State Park, West Branch State Park, and Mohican State Park, as well as in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Washington, among others. She attended and volunteered with the 2018 Southern Ohio BFRO expedition.