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Report # 50589  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, January 2, 2016.
Recollection of a daytime road crossing near Upper Tract

YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 8/8/2002

STATE: West Virginia

COUNTY: Pendleton County

LOCATION DETAILS: Upper Tract take Smucker Rd towards Kline about 3 1/2 miles turn on Kiser Gap Rd go about 4 miles



OBSERVED: It was on a clear day, sun shining, I was on my way to work, it was August 2002. I came around a turn and he/she came walking out of the woods, he walked up over the bank, took about 3 steps and walked up the other side of the bank, when he crossed the road he turned his head and looked at me and kept walking. He was reddish brown with long arms.


OTHER WITNESSES: just me I was on my way to work

OTHER STORIES: Yes, they have pics on a trail camera but won't tell no one, they tell people they got rid of it, that was in smoke hole Pendleton county WV

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2:00pm sun shining clear day

ENVIRONMENT: it is out in the country, Mt , wooded area

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Greg Lambert:

I met at this location and spoke with the witness at length. She stated, "I will never forget what I saw and it was no bear!" The witness is a hunter who has seen a lot of bears and is certain this was not a bear crossing in front of her. I, myself, attempted to cross the road at the same spot, in the same manner as the creature had done. At 6'1" I have a pretty long stride but my best effort still took me six steps to reach the same point. I asked her to stand about where her vehicle would have been when she came around the turn and saw it crossing the road. She estimated it to be between seven to eight feet tall based on my size in comparison. She also told me it was much "bulkier" than myself.

This section of unmarked road is around one eighth of a mile from a blind curve to a blind hill. Anything crossing here could quickly be out of sight before a vehicle coming around the turn or topping the hill would be in view. This area of the county is appropriately named "Deer Run" as the deer are plentiful. It is sparsely populated with the majority of it farm land. However, there is still plenty of cover along the ridge lines and forest areas. There was a possible sighting along with vocalizations only several miles from this location in 2012, see Report #37565.

About BFRO Investigator Greg Lambert:

Growing up in Pendleton County WV, Greg has been fascinated with the Bigfoot phenomenon ever since he had an incident while hunting in the early 70's. Though he no longer hunts he and his wife enjoy wildlife watching, birding, hiking, camping, kayaking and all things wild in wonderful WV. Greg is a mechanic by trade in the largest turkey processing plant in the US. He has attended BFRO Expeditions WV 2012 & 2013, Kentucky 2013 & 2014, and North Carolina 2014.