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Report # 48732  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, May 19, 2015.
Large hairy biped seen chasing deer behind a home at dusk near Bridgewater

YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Connecticut

COUNTY: Litchfield County

NEAREST TOWN: Bridgewater CT

NEAREST ROAD: Omitted for privacy reasons

OBSERVED: It was early evening and our golden retriever was barking loudly. This was not unusual as there are many deer behind our house. Our back yard consists of a large twenty acre field leading into a wooded area. When I went outside to call the dog in and I saw six or seven deer running like heck like they were being chased, I looked behind them and in the tall grass a large hairy animal was chasing after them running on two legs towering above the grass which was around four feet tall at the time.

We see occasional black bears but this was like no bear I had seen before. I am convinced it was a squatch. Then later in the season I was outside at around nine o-clock with a friend we had a small fire going. The coyotes were yipping in the far corner and in the opposite back corner there was a large screech like sound and the coyotes went dead silent.

ALSO NOTICED: About a month after my sighting, as me and my friend were hitting golf balls into my field, we saw suspicious activity lower in the field. After about two minutes we realized it was a squatch. It stood up and towered over the grass which was about five feet tall at the time. We stood there watching it for about five minutes until it retreated to the woods. The hairy creature was clearly walking on two feet. I have no doubt in my mind we saw a squatch. After talking to my dad who has lived on our property for years, he too had seen a squatch years ago as a boy.

OTHER WITNESSES: The sighting was just myself. But the call was heard by a friend and myself.

OTHER STORIES: Similar sightings were reported by some farmers in the area and some other residents in our small town

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early evening, and the call was at about nine

ENVIRONMENT: Early summer slightly chilly but warmer then usual

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tim Vogel:

I spoke to the witness via phone a few times, over a period of a few months.

This family lives and farms in Connecticut. Located in a mix of hardwoods and farm land, with streams, marsh and just your garden variety of the typical New England landscape. The witness mentioned all the potential game, saying there's plenty of deer, etc. behind their house and a variety of farm animals that were readily available. Basically a bounty in the backyard, and a river runs near it too.

On this night the witness went outside to call the dog into the house, and that's when the witness had seen six or seven deer running, like they were being chased. He looked behind them and in the tall grass, about a 100 yards from the house, a large hairy animal was chasing after the deer, running on two legs. The color described as a "dark coffee color", it was very tall, towering above the grass which was around four feet tall at the time.

The witness is a local, and knows the difference between all the typical wildlife from the region, and this didn't belong. The witness is convinced it was a Bigfoot, in the past they've also heard screeching, screams and howls on the farm property.

The witness was also talking about how the local town farmers had made reports, and had encounters in the past. I will be investigating further with those other local farmers that may, or may not, of had an encounter with a Bigfoot in Connecticut.

This is what I would consider a prime area for a Bigfoot to pass through without much notice. There are some large tracts of unused, or seldom visited, areas in that part of Connecticut, so opportunities for the Bigfoot looking for its essential needs could be met with success here in New England.

About BFRO Investigator Tim Vogel:

Tim Vogel is the owner of Tekoa Mountain Outdoors, an outdoor, adventure education business. Located in Western Massachusetts.

I am a BFRO Northeast Investigator, has attended and taught tracking, casting, have provided demos on FLIRs for the following:
Co-Leading the BFRO Western MA 2018 and Connecticut 2018 Expeditions.
BFRO Western MA and Bridgewater Triangle area 2017 Expeditions.
Pennsylvania BFRO 2017, Vermont BFRO 2016, Western MA BFRO 2015, 2016.

A member of Team Squatchachusetts, and interested in Bigfoot since 1976 when something with big feet went through my family’s back yard one winter's day.