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Report # 46620  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, September 27, 2014.
Possible nighttime sighting through a living room window near Potomac

YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: March

DATE: 15

STATE: Maryland

COUNTY: Montgomery County

LOCATION DETAILS: Outside of living room window of single family home.


NEAREST ROAD: River Road / Esworthy Road

OBSERVED: The sighting was thru the window from the inside of the house. The creature was looking thru the living room window right above the halfway point. Which a person can't see past the bottom ledge.That is what scared me. It was moonlit and created a shadow. I had just turned off the TV at that time. We have alot of deer but they are not vertical or that tall. The incident lasted three seconds.

ALSO NOTICED: No. Looked for fur or prints later. Ground was still hard. Also looked for a sign of a break in attempt, nothing.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: 11pm. Clear, moonlit, and cool night.

ENVIRONMENT: Lawn , bushes and trees.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kim Niemeyer:

I talked with the witness by phone for some time concerning his report. He is a General Manager of a store and therefore in a position of authority and trust. I found him to be quite engaging and sincere. While the incident that he reported happened in March it was still fresh in his memory and he was as excited as if it had just happened.

The witness and his family which include teenaged children moved into the house in December 2013. Before they moved in, the house had sat unoccupied for approximately eight to nine months because the owners had originally put it up for sale before they decided to rent it out. The owners had a caretaker come in aperiodically to cut the grass and carry out other maintenance as needed while it was unoccupied.

At the time of the incident in March 2014, the witness had just turned off the television. It was 2300hrs. There were no lights on in the house and it was a bright moonlit night. I checked and it was the night before the full moon. Something blocked out the moonlight coming through the living room window and that caught his attention. The witness looked up and saw a dark shadow as it stood in the middle of the window outside and looked in at him. He stated that a number of seconds passed, maybe as few as three, when it moved away and the moonlight once again came through the window. He told me that he didn’t see any facial features or eye shine because of the way it was backlit by the moon. At no time did he think “Bigfoot.” In fact he stated emphatically a number of times that he thought it was very likely a human intruder looking to break into his house. His second thought was that it might be a friend of one of his teenaged son’s who had come over for a visit. His son lives in the basement and there is a door that opens to the outside near the window where the sighting occurred. He went downstairs and checked with his son and discovered that he had no one over. He then went outside via the front door, stood on the porch and yelled something to the effect, “You better get out of here or I’m going to call the cops.” He said that he yelled a couple of other things but was met with silence.

It was only the following morning when he went outside to check things out that he thought that he might have caught a brief glimpse of a Bigfoot. He didn’t realize that the ground sloped downhill in that area and it would have been impossible for a normal sized human to have stood in the spot where he thought the intruder had and been able to see through the double hung window. The witness is almost six feet tall and his head only reached up to the top of the brick underneath the window ledge. The witness was emphatic that the top of the creature’s head was in the middle of the sash or just slightly above it. That would make it approximately eight feet tall. He then checked for prints and hair/fur and found none. The ground was still too hard so it wouldn’t have left any tracks. It was only after this that he became more than a little frightened at the thought that a Bigfoot might be in the area. His family thinks that he might have been influenced by the show “Finding Bigfoot” and actually saw nothing at all. I personally don’t think that’s the case. The witness is originally from Finland and grew up skiing in the forests, which he still does when he goes home for visits during the winter. He has both hunted and fished there and here and is active in scouting and goes on camping trips regularly with his sons. He knows the flora and fauna of both areas and has ruled out any of the usual suspects. Deer and other wildlife thrive in area and while there have been occasional reports of black bear, none have been seen. I asked him if he has heard anything that he personally considered strange or out of the ordinary coming from the woods near his house since his sighting and his answer to me was no. Those that he has heard can be explained as belonging to deer or other small game. When the ground has been soft enough to hold tracks he has looked and found nothing out of the ordinary.

If one looks at a satellite view of the area, one will see that while there are a number of large houses, there are plenty of fields and woodlands. The C&O Canal and Potomac River are both less than a mile from where the witness lives. There are plenty of other streams in the area with Muddy Branch not too far away. It is also only a few miles upriver from Great Falls. This section of the Potomac has a number of wooded islands, some of them quite large and long. Block House Point Park is also in the area. The park has over 600 hundred acres of upland woodlands, floodplain forest, non-tidal wetlands, large rock outcroppings, and over seven miles of trails. The whole length of the Potomac is one big greenway. It is prime habitat for a Bigfoot.

About BFRO Investigator Kim Niemeyer:

Kim is retired Navy with interests in linguistics and history. He has a Master of Science degree from Loyola University in Maryland. He has attended the following expeditions: PA 2011, Southwestern PA 2013, and Western North Carolina 2014.