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Report # 46534  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, September 16, 2014.
Possible late afternoon road crossing north of Ransom

YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September


STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Hillsdale County

NEAREST TOWN: Ransom, Michigan

NEAREST ROAD: On Bird Lake Road about 1/4 mile north of Pratville Road.

OBSERVED: I was driving south on Bird Lake Road between the intersections of Tamarack Road and Pratville Road on September 5, 2014 around 4:30pm. This is in Hillsdale County in Osseo, Michigan. I had just crested a small hill when about 200-250 yards in front of me I saw a very large, reddish brown creature on two legs run across the road and into a very thick and wooded area. This creature literally cleared the road in what appeared to be one huge step. The sun was shining bright and it's reddish brown hair really stood out. It appeared to me the thing had been running and maybe slowed down. As it came out into the opening and saw me it leaped or ran across the road into the heavy thicket. It was traveling from west to east. As I approached where it had crossed it had already disappeared into the thick woods and brush. I didn't look for tracks because I was so taken back by what I had just seen. Up until this time I had never believed in bigfoot or sasquatch. Whatever I saw that day was no human or any other animal I have ever seen before. It was very large and probably stood around 7 or 8 feet tall. It's body mass was proportionate to it's height as well. I really feel that I saw a sasquatch.

ALSO NOTICED: It did appear that the tall grass was laid somewhat down in the area the creature went into.


OTHER STORIES: Many incidents around Hillsdale County especially in the Lost Nations around Pittsford and Osseo, MI. My son and his father-in-law found tracks that appeared to be that of a bigfoot back in January 2014. They took pictures of the tracks and a couple BFRO team members came out and did an investigation at the site.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Around 4:30pm. It was sunny and hot that day. The sun was very bright.

ENVIRONMENT: Cedar trees, heavy and very thick brush, bean and corn fields nearby and water sources like ponds and creeks.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Knox:

The location where the witness had his encounter is a couple of miles north of the village of Ransom, Mi on S. Bird Lake Rd. Swamps, creeks and ditches dot the countryside, with Bird Creek to the east, Nile Ditch to the west and Laird Creek and a few farm ponds to the south. The east branch of the St. Joseph River is a few miles north of here as it meanders from the northwest towards the southeast.

There are numerous farm fields surrounding this location, with a varied assortment of crops (corn, soybean, wheat, hay, etc..) along with the standard assortment of wildlife; ex: (geese, ducks, deer, squirrels, raccoons, etc), while below the surface of the waters are other food sources; ex:(crayfish, fish, turtles, clams, etc).

It was Friday and the witness was traveling on S. Bird Lake Rd heading towards his home when he came over a rise in the road and saw a large creature run across the road from west to east into the swampy woods on the east side of the road. . The witness estimated he was about 200 to 250 yards from the crossing point and when he reached it, he noted that some of the tall grass leading into the swampy area appeared to be parted as if something passed through. The witness also remembers that it was a sunny day, because he vividly remembers the reddish brown coloring of the hair the creature and that it seems as if he startled it, because it appeared to be slowing down, but upon seeing the witnesses vehicle, it leaped across the road into the brush.
The witness slowed down passing the area, but didn't want to stop, so he continued on to his home and contacted his son, whom is the son-in-law of the witness in BFRO Report #43733. After explaining what occurred, his son convinced his father to file a report.

After several attempts to meet at the site, we finally were able to and we walked thru the report. Walking down to where the witness stated he was in relationship to the crossing, you realize that what ever the witness saw must have been tall for it to be seen. The road has a lot of rolling to it and the point that the crossing occurred at was down in one of the rolls, yet the witness remembers being surprised by how big it was, even though part of its legs were out of site below the rise in road.

The swampy area on the east side of the road has a drop of 6 feet below the pavement and the cattails and swamp grass are at least 6-7 feet tall. You can see multiple paths leading deeper into the swamp towards the trees and the fields to the east.

Location pictures:

Bird's eye view of surround area.Zoomed in on crossing location.

I am unable to say what the witness saw that evening. There is no tangible proof; no pictures, no prints, no hair samples, no evidence at all. But I feel that the witness saw something, he was very outgoing and answered all questions quickly and without any feeling of duplicity. I come to believe that the witness is a decent individual, with no reason or motive that could compel him to lie. The witness gives no indication that he is trying to pull one over on us.

There are multiple reports within a 20 mile radius of this report.

About BFRO Investigator Richard Knox:

Richard is a designer for a power company that services the majority of Lower Michigan. He is a former Emergency Medical Technician & Volunteer Firefighter. He enjoys camping, hiking and Geocaching with his wife, kids and grandkids. He and his wife attended the 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018 Michigan Upper Peninsula Expeditions.