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Report # 45813  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, July 9, 2014.
Camper hears strange knocking and screams in Tillamook Forest

YEAR: 2014

SEASON: Summer



STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Tillamook County

NEAREST TOWN: Jones creek

NEAREST ROAD: I think it's jones creek road all the way back to 4 mile marker on tree

OBSERVED: I was camping at Jones Creek at exactly the 4 mile marker on July 7, 2014. The woods were very quiet and only one guy on a 4 wheeler came past me and then again leaving much earlier that day. Just at dusk I heard a yell like no other animal I have ever heard about a quarter mile south. It lasted about 10 seconds. A minute or two later it happened again only louder. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. About 5 minutes later another yell comes about a quarter mile north of me only this time its 3 times louder. It yelled 5 separate times with about 10 seconds between each 10 second long yell. These yells were much stronger of a voice than the first two yells. About 2 minutes later the first yeller did it again only it sounded like it was further south. I don't believe a human could be as loud as this was at a distance and the voice was far too big. I was scared to death and spent the night with my gun in my hand laying frozen in my completely dark tent trailer. I was afraid to turn any lights on just pretended to be asleep. At 4:30 am the first log truck went by followed by several others so I felt safe again.


OTHER STORIES: Yes, I was on the same road but it splits to the left and I was at the pull out turnaround at about 5.5 miles back. That night just as it started to rain I heard loud knocking like a tree branch hit against a tree. It came from multiple locations for about an hour. It was hard to be sure what I was hearing because of the rain noise on the tent trailer roof. I stopped going that far back because of this incident.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Dusk just before dark

ENVIRONMENT: Forest, I was camping in my tent trailer at the oversized truck pull out

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Cindy & Jerod Caddell:

I interviewed Thomas (last name withheld for privacy) and he seemed to be very credible. He knows the area well and has camped there several times. I visited the area that he said his experience was and it is next to a creek with ridges on either side. The area is somewhat isolated and heavily forested. I found Thomas to be honest and seemed to be very upset when talking about how he had pretended to sleep with his gun in his hand. In the morning he heard logging trucks go by and felt a bit safer. He waited till it was light and packed up and left the area. This is an area that historically has had sasquatch reports although Thomas was unaware of this.

Received from witness Brian Hornaday on December 22, 2019.

"A friend and I were regulars to Jones creek campground area. We went up on a weekday planning on staying a couple nights. There is a 3 way fork about 1/4 mile from the day use bridge spot If you go straight and go about 3 or 4 miles there is a little bridge, and to the left a Cul De sac type camping area where there are 3 big camping spaces spread out and one in the middle. There was a stream that went along one side, but it was about a hundred feet from the sites. On the other side of the stream there is a steep wooded hill up until you get to the highway, with no place for people to just be hanging out. Its all thick brush and trees so anything on the other side of the river, is certainly going to be an animal. On top of that, there was no one camping there at all for miles since it was a weeknight and way out of the way.

It had to be sometime between 12am and 2am when we finally both went in our separate tents and fall asleep. We were both almost asleep, then suddenly we heard this crazy yelling scream coming from the other side of the stream. it would last for about 10 seconds and then stop. And had to have screamed over 10 times. The noise is really hard to describe though. A screeching/bumbling/rattling with both high pitch and lower interchanged. When I try to tell the story, people mention a cougar. From what I've heard they weren't the same. This was far more bizarre.. I could maybe imagine a human attempting to make the sound, but the loudness and the length of the scream was unnatural. We both jumped in our cars and rolled down the windows. We could hear it get to the stream and possibly on the trail that leads to our campsite from the stream. We didn't hear the movements, Just the scream. I decided to blare on my horn and my friend popped his trunk and pulled out his shotgun. He fired off a shot into the sky and the scream stopped.

We slept in our cars and the next day we walked down the trail to the stream. We immediately realized how close it was to us and the effort it went though to try to scare us. As well as the balls they must have had in order to just walk up to a campsite screaming from the woods. We packed up the site and decided not to camp another night.

It took us a year to go back to Jones Creek. We now go right at the 3 way stop and stay at the diamond mill staging area instead. We also did go and stay another night at the scream spot with another buddy of ours. Nothing happened. I am happy to see the report on the site because I still think about it."

About BFRO Investigator Cindy & Jerod Caddell:

Cindy has had a lifetime interest in bigfoot with experiences dating back to 1993. She is an award winning professional photographer and anthropologist. She is currently working in the archeology field. She also has an associate’s degree in psychology. Jerod is a former Marine and currently works in law enforcement. Both Cindy and Jerod have a love of the outdoors and have organized several BFRO expeditions.