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Report # 41676  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, July 19, 2013.
Possible nighttime sightings by three family members on a farm near New Lebanon

YEAR: 2013

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 19


COUNTY: Montgomery County

LOCATION DETAILS: Just South of the New Lebanon city limits.


NEAREST ROAD: S. Clayton Road

OBSERVED: Around 3am I walked outside my parents' home with my Great Dane puppy and through the front gate to my car. As I was walking I heard the neighbors' two German Shepherds barking furiously at something in front of their home in New Lebanon. Their dogs bark at anyone walking by, but I could tell their barking was more serious sounding this time. I stared through the darkness and noticed a silhouette of something huge. My first thought was that maybe a loose horse? Then it came a little farther South on Clayton Rd. and I could clearly see a huge and thick human like shaped silhouette against the other lights from houses. I thought to myself "Man that is a really big guy and he is running super fast!"
Then I started to think that a normal human man of that size could no way run that fast, then I thought well I've never seen a man that big! Just as my puppy spotted this creature still running South on S. Clayton Rd. about 15 feet from Mile Rd. he started to let out a bark. I stopped him as I was now in intense fear since I was beginning to realize I was standing alone out doors with a huge creature! We then ran back into my parents home and I locked the door behind me. My mother and father came out into their living area and asked me what was I doing and what was going on? I explained. This man like creature that I now refer to as a Bigfoot that from my short distance away to be about 7-8 foot tall and running full speed at about 35mph.
My father quickly got his guns and went out into the front yard near my car. A few minutes later after I settled down I followed him. I showed him wear I spotted the Bigfoot and where it had came running from and where I had last seen it. Nearly 40 minutes later my father was still outside looking around and listening to the sounds. Right before I went to leave for the second time around 3:40am my father also claims to have seen a similar creature on two legs where I had last seen it before I came running into their home. He said it was just as I had described it, but it was walking very slowly.
There are a lot of open fields and small creeks in our area. I'm not sure a Bigfoot really has the room it might need to survive out here, but I could be wrong. All I can say is that I know it was not a farm animal on the loose and it was too tall and thick to be a man. The head was very large along with its wide thick shoulders. The head and neck was like one thick part as it went down to the shoulders. As it was running I could see the shoulders moving with the upper body. It was like a giant 8 foot ape running down the road on two legs.

ALSO NOTICED: I haven't went to look yet.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two. First was walking to car at parents home on Mile Rd. around 3:00am. Second was walking around out in front yard of the home on Mile Rd. around 3:40am.

OTHER STORIES: No. I had not until I researched online and found some claims in or around the Germantown area not far from where my parents live.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 3:00am EST. No wind very humid. No sounds from the creature. Just the German Shepherd dogs barking.

ENVIRONMENT: Dark, dry, humid, and no wind. Dogs were barking. No sound from the feet hitting the pavement so could have been running on the side of the road. Cornfield, small cow field, small open grassy area on the Northwest corner, and a front and side yard of a home on the Southwest corner.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Steve Nystrom:

I was able to meet with the witnesses involved with these encounters in late December 2013. During my interview with two of the three witnesses – a daughter and her father, several interesting details emerged regarding their encounters.

The activity probably occurred over a ten day period leading up to the three distinct sightings. Living on a small farm, the witnesses have horses, donkeys, and chickens. These animals are kept in an L-shaped coral area that extends from the front of the property, along the side of the yard and around the back adjacent to a small creek. The coral is fence enclosed with the fence being five feet high in the front, and four feet high at the back of the property. A separate strand of wire in the front of the fence has a low electric current, designed to keep the horses and donkeys from getting too close to it.

About a week before the three sightings, the witnesses started seeing their chickens disappearing from the coral area. What was very unusual, was the fact that whatever was taking the chickens was also ripping each of their wings and discarding them near the small, open chicken coup in the center of the corral at the back of the farm. (The chickens were not caged or locked-up, but stayed near the coup for food and shelter.) At first, the witnesses thought that a fox or foxes were taking their chickens, but what was extremely unusual was that so many chickens were being taken in such a short period of time and that the wings were being ripped off each bird, and discarded near the chicken coup.

A few days after the chickens had disappeared, the first witness (the daughter) was visiting her parents and was getting ready to depart around 3 am, just after her father got home from work. When she stepped outside and started walking toward her car, she heard the neighbor’s two German shepherd dogs barking widely. The German shepherds bark when people walk by, but usually stop after a few seconds. When the witness looked over toward the neighbor’s house to see why the dogs were still barking, she saw a large, dark silhouette moving quickly from north to south, along South Clayton Road just on the other side of the neighbor’s fence. The neighbor’s fence is approximately four feet high, and the dark silhouette was considerably taller than the fence and moving very quickly leading the witness to believe that one of their horses had gotten out of the corral, and was running along South Clayton Road after being spooked by the neighbor’s German shepherds. When the object approached a street light, the witness noticed that it was not a horse, because it was running upright, on two legs like a human being – but was much larger, and moving incredibly fast. What was also unusual was the object appeared to have a very large head and shoulders, long arms, and no visible neck. When the witness’ Great Dane puppy started to bark, she grabbed him and ran frantically into the house. She proceeded to tell her mother and father what had just happened and thought that she had seen a “Bigfoot.”

After seeing how upset and frightened his daughter was, her father grabbed his guns and took his daughter outside to see where she had seen the Bigfoot.The daughter then went back inside while her father stayed outside waiting to see if the Bigfoot would reappear. After being outside a few minutes, the neighbor’s two German shepherds started barking again. The father looked over toward the neighbor’s house where the two dogs were barking and saw a large, dark silhouette walking south, along South Clayton Road in the same location where his daughter had seen a Bigfoot earlier. The father watched the Bigfoot continue south eventually crossing Mile Road, near the Mile Road – South Clayton Road intersection before entering, and then disappearing in the adjacent cornfield. Not wanting to scare his daughter or his wife, the father did not mention his sighting. About 45 minutes later, the father and mother walked their daughter out to the car and she departed for home.

A few days later, the farther, mother and daughter all sat down and talked about the two Bigfoot sightings they had witnesses just a few days before. During their conversation, the mother mentioned that she had seen a large, dark figure walking along the back of the property along their fence line moving east to west, adjacent to the wood line and small stream on the back edge of their property. The mother observed the Bigfoot for a few minutes before it disappeared into the wood line near the neighbor’s property. She did not mention it to her husband or daughter right away, because she was not sure what it was that she had actually seen.

Investigator Comments: After conducting a follow-up investigation with the witnesses – I sincerely believe that they are all very credible and did have three distinct Sasquatch encounters. Their family farm is located south of New Lebanon, adjacent to many cornfields, wooded areas, and small streams. There are large numbers of deer and other game throughout the area, not to mention farm poultry that could easily provide ample food stuffs for a clan of Sasquatch.

Finally, there have been a large number of reported Sasquatch encounters in the vicinity of the New Lebanon area during the past ten years. I am currently attempting to conduct follow-up investigations on the two other reported Sasquatch encounters that occurred a few miles south of this farm near Germantown and Miamisburg, Ohio.

About BFRO Investigator Steve Nystrom:

Steve Nystrom is an active member of the BFRO. He enjoys investigating reports of Sasquatch encounters and vocalizations throughout the Midwest. Mr. Nystrom is a Senior Analyst with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. He has had a number of leadership, staff and analyst positions throughout his career, which also includes deployments to Iraq in 2008 and 2010. He recently graduated from the U.S. Army's Command and General Staff College and is attending the U.S. Army's School of Advanced Military Studies.