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Report # 37656  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, November 24, 2012.
Possible Thanksgiving Day road crossing on Hwy. 11 near Leetonia

YEAR: 2012


MONTH: November

DATE: 22nd


COUNTY: Columbiana County


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 11

OBSERVED: Last Thursday,(Thanksgiving), I was heading to Mountaineer casino down route 11 south when I saw a light brown sasquatch cross the other side of the road and leap over a steel barrier into the woods. It was definitely walking upright taking large strides. It was the middle of the day and sunny and the light brown coat caught my eye.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2pm sunny and clear

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Amy Bue:

I contacted the witness, spoke to him and found him to be credible. He had the following to add:

"I was driving southbound down route 11 through Columbiana County heading to Mountaineer casino. The actual city was Leetonia. The weather was sunny blue sky about 72 degrees. Traffic was extremely light and I was cruisin my sports sedan lookin for an opportunity to open it up. The road there is very straight and slightly downhill. I put my foot on it and immediately focused on the road ahead lookin for patrol officers. When all of a sudden, a little over an eighth of a mile away I saw this tall golden brown figure crossing the road on the other side away from me as I approached. It was definitely walking upright and it crossed from the median to over the guardrail in just a few large strides. It had long arms that were swinging in sync with its stride. Really smoothly, not bouncy like deer. Once I got close enough it was gone. Definitely not a deer or bear. I returned to the scene on my way home the next day and stopped to look for tracks or what not and did not feel like climbing down the side to investigate in the river. The area I viewed all this is a small overpass where a little stream or river crosses under the road. "

This area of Columbiana County has several farm fields, deer, orchards, and water sources.

About BFRO Investigator Amy Bue:

Amy Bue: Language arts teacher and writer in Ohio. After experiencing her own class B sighting in 2012, she became active as a Bigfoot researcher through solo investigations. Now she does investigations with friends and colleagues in several states.
Amy has attended several informal expeditions and investigations at Salt Fork State Park, Beaver Creek State Park, West Branch State Park, and Mohican State Park, as well as in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Washington, among others. She attended and volunteered with the 2018 Southern Ohio BFRO expedition.