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Report # 37044  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.
Memory told of a daylight sighting while fishing a creek near Crescent Lake Junction

YEAR: 1978

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Deschutes County

LOCATION DETAILS: I will give a person a tour of the area and the spots where more sightings took place.

NEAREST TOWN: Crescent Lake Junction


OBSERVED: 1978 I was 17 yrs old and lived in a remote part of Oregon High Cascades. (Crescent Lake junction). It was a late August day. And I had decided to do some creek fishing. I went thru some private property where Marsh creek and Crescent creek meet. I started hiking up Marsh creek and had gone thru several larger Alpine clearings with the feeling that something was watching me. There was lots of wildlife, cows and horses about so I didn't worry too much about it. After crossing the last fence line and now deep into the Deschutes National Forest I started fishing. Picture a 50 yrd clear swath where no trees grow. Up next to the creek the bank line is lined with willow type bushes and makes it impossible to have a clear view up the creek. So many times I had to hike over to the tree line to continue up the creek. At one point, about a 1/2 mile from the fence line, I had hiked to the trees to make the next clearing at the creek to fish. Being volcanic ground (pumice) I would fish from several feet away then slowly work my way to the creek side. I had fished this particular spot for about 10 mts. by the time I made the creek side. I looked up at the treeline across the creek (25 yards). At that point I realized I had just walked up to Bigfoot. He was rested against a lightning strike stump that was 5 ft. high, his butt sitting down just a bit, and looking over his right shoulder he was watching my every move. We made eye contact looking at each other staring. I could see the full length of his arms, the size of his entire body. The color of his hair covered body. His facial features almost sad looking, more human than gorilla. More expression than you could ever imagine. I broke my rod down without reeling in the line and began to move away as fast as I could, watching him the entire time completely afraid for my life. He, just as startled, stood up from the 5 foot high stump he was resting his butt against, and began to run away from me up the creek as I ran down the creek. His arm length was to his knees, his height at 8 or better ft tall. The speed in which he was able to run from me was incredible. Needless to say he was afraid of me as I was of him (thank God). I've spent my entire life hunting and fishing back country and have never again seen anything like this. Thia was a real life sighting of BIGFOOT in the daylight, no obstruction from 25 yrds. There had been several other sightings and other people that had even closer daylight experiences then myself in the Crescent Lake junction area.

ALSO NOTICED: Wana find Bigfoot let me show you where he summers.

OTHER WITNESSES: no I was by myself

OTHER STORIES: Yes I know a lady that bigfoot had an attraction to and she saw him several times while horseback riding with her kids and then also saw him at their ranch just a mile or so from the junction.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2 pm afternoon

ENVIRONMENT: Top of the Cascade Mountains in a pine forest on a creek.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Megan Turnidge (whitehead):

After speaking with the witness I was struck by the honesty I could hear in his voice. The witness describes the subject as being about 8ft tall and most likely weighing in around 450-500 pounds. He describes its hair as dark, coarse in appearance and frizzy. The hair seemed to be 2-3inches over his body with the belly and legs having slightly shorter hair and the shoulders and head having longer hair, more likely 6-8 inches. The hair was not well kept, but rather matted. The witness also described his face as being ape-like, with a flat nose and dark calloused cheek skin with hair beginning again below the cheeks. The subject had a rather long forehead and prominent brow ridge. The witness stated that he would liken the subject to being maybe one step off the evolutionary chain from humans to apes. The subject had uncharacteristically long arms compared to a human and definite fingers as opposed to paws. This was definitely not a bear. A bad smell did seem to emanate from the subject, it was more comparable to the way a bear smells. Not an overwhelming smell but, also not a pleasant one.

The area that the subject was seen in was a densely bushed creek side while sitting against a lightning strike stump. The witness believes that the creature had been watching him working his way up the creek the entire time, but only decided to leave after the witness noticed him. There were no vocalizations made by the subject either before or after the encounter. The witness and the subject locked eyes for maybe 5-10 seconds before they both decided to leave, in opposite directions. The witness did notice the subject's gait as it left, and noted that he was bent forward as if bearing a significant weight. The witness did not return to the area to look for hair or prints due to being a little shocked by the whole encounter and undoubtedly uneasy about it.

About BFRO Investigator Megan Turnidge (whitehead):

Megan grew up exploring the woods surrounding the Three Sisters mountains of the Oregon cascades, as well as the Trask mountains of the Oregon coast range. Megan has gone on several BFRO expeditions in the Oregon and Washington wildernesses, as well as private expeditions with other BFRO investigators. For years she has been doing her own investigations in Yamhill County.