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Report # 3558  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, August 1, 1997.
Two campers are chased from an apple orchard by a 5.5 foot tall hair covered creature.

YEAR: 1993

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: Late April of 1993

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Columbia County

LOCATION DETAILS: The incident occurred outside of Catawissa, PA near route 42

OBSERVED: One of my friends and I were camping on his family's land near Catawissa. It was just the two of us late at night. We were sitting by the camp fire talking when we noticed we needed more wood for the fire.

There was an old apple orchard near by and we scavenged dead wood off of the ground for the fire. It was a very well lit night, and we could see very well.

As soon as we stepped into the orchard, we heard a sort of screeching or wheezing noise around 100 yards away (as best as we could tell). We didn't think anything of it because we were always hearing noises from around that area, so we continued into the orchard.

After about 10 steps in, we heard an awful scream that sounded like it needed two or three heads to make it. We looked in the direction and then we saw it. Maybe 50 yards away was the creature.

It was about five foot six inches tall and about 350-400 pounds. It started running at us full speed, and it was incredibly fast. We immediately turned around and headed out of the orchard and for our car.

As soon as we were into the clearing, the creature stopped running at us and turned away. Needless to say, we put out the fire and left for the night.

ALSO NOTICED: About a month before hand, we found a mangled deer in the middle of the clearing, not eaten at all, just attacked and killed. We didn't think anything of it at the time.

After the incident, we think that it may have been a warning of some kind to stay out of it's territory.

About a week before the incident, we noticed that all of the windows had been smashed out of the shed's, and a strange odor was in the air.

We at the time thought it could have been vandals, and it might have been. We had heard the noises before in and around the orchard and pond an just passed it off as some sort of wildlife.

OTHER WITNESSES: We were gathering firewood in the apple orchard.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: at about 2 o'clock in the morning on a very well lit night.

ENVIRONMENT: The area is about 200 feet from the nearest road. There is a large manmade pond on one side that has a natural spring running right beside it.

Behind the pond is a decent sized, heavily forested mountain with many small caves if you know where to find them. On another side is a large open field, with the apple orchard behind that.

There were also about 5 small sheds in the clearing.