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Report # 32426  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, January 22, 2012.
Northbound motorist has daylight observation from I-95 near Fellsmere

YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 21

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Indian River County

LOCATION DETAILS: I was traveling north on I 95

NEAREST TOWN: fort pierce?

NEAREST ROAD: fellsmere rd.

OBSERVED: I was on my way back from a delivery in okeechobee on I 95 near mile marker 158 in when i noticed people hitting their brakes and pointing out to the right,upon looking i saw an 8 foot tall hairy creature whose arms were past its waist in lenghth,standing upright but shoulders were hunched over,it was taking small strides in between the cypress trees behind the fence on the side of the road,about fifteen feet into the trees.I couldnt see it face,but its whole body was black hair,it wasnt thin by any means.I didnt see any features that would have made me feel that it was female..It was about 3:15 P.M on Friday the 21st of January 2012.

ALSO NOTICED: wasnt paying attention at that point so i dont know of anything that might have caused it to come that close to a major roadway like that,dont know if there was any road kill..

OTHER WITNESSES: there were about four other cars that saw and stepped on their brakes to point at what we all saw

OTHER STORIES: No havent heard of anything in that area,but we walk out at salt lake wildlife management area on dairy road in titusville fl, I wear a size 11 1/2 shoe and we found a print that looked human,but was about four or more inches larger than my shoe size,we put my shoe next to the print and took a picture,i am searching for the picture,we moved since then and im not sure where it is right now...

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 3:15 P.M,completely sunny,no clouds,about 75 degrees

ENVIRONMENT: cypress trees,dry ground,mile marker 158 was about half a mile past the spot of the incident

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator R. Monteith:

I spoke with the gentleman a day after his sighting. He was driving mid-afternoon on a cool (70 degrees) sunny day, traveling northbound on I-95.

Cars in front of him began braking; passengers were pointing to the side of the road. He looked and saw an approximately 8ft high, all black, hairy, bipedal figure along the tree line. As noted in the original report, its arms were very long and the back was hunched over. It didnít have much of a neck.

The creature was about 15 feet outside the fence, walking amongst the trees. Facial features were not seen as it was striding away from the road.

Although this creature was witnessed near a major Florida Interstate, the area it was seen is very wooded and rural with a low population density. The forest is oak, pine, palmetto and cypress lowland. This time of year it is dry, but can become marshy during the summer. Deer and hog are abundant in the area.

Although this is the first report BFRO has taken for Indian River County, the area provides a viable habitat for large omnivores.

About BFRO Investigator R. Monteith:

Re Monteith has had a life-long interest in Bigfoot and has an extensive background in outdoor land and ocean survival as well as mountaineering. She has tran-sailed the Atlantic, backpacked in remote places throughout the world and has climbed three of the seven summits. She studied International Relations at Florida International University, and is a Financial and Real Estate Consultant. She has participated in many private expeditions as well as the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 BFRO North Florida Expeditions and the 2013 BFRO UP Michigan & Alabama Expedition. She also organized Florida's 2017 Town Hall Meeting. She was an Executive Producer of the documentary film, "Skunk Ape Lives" and featured as a Crypto Expert on The Science Channel's television show, Strange Evidence for seasons 2 - 5.