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Geographical Index > United States > Tennessee > Perry County > Report # 30748
Report # 30748  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, October 4, 2011.
Witness relates rock throwing encounter while camped along the Buffalo River

YEAR: 2011

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: 15th

STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Perry County

NEAREST TOWN: Flat woods, linden


OBSERVED: I am an avid outdoors man, I canoe and camp on a regular basis, mostly by myself (nobody spends any time in the wild anymore). On my most recent canoe/camping trip I had set up camp started a fire, and and had just finished my dinner at around 9p.m. I had put my drinks in the water on the edge of the river and was walking down to the edge of the river to grab on, when in about ten yards of the edge I heard a big splash, something being thrown or dropped in the water, I didn't pay any attention so I kept walking, then as I approached the edge another even bigger splash was made and I could see the large rock that made it fly through the air hitting about ten yards from where I was. I froze and all the hair on my body stood straight up. I shined my led light over to the area and saw a set of eyes for about two seconds before they vanished. I fired my pistol to scare off anyone I thought would be messing with me, but no response, and this was on a week night where the possibility of someone roaming the area was not likely. I quickly packed my gear and left for home.
 The next morning I came back to the sight to look around and I heard something rustling in the brush, then I heard knocks in a steady patten of three I grabbed a piece of drift wood and knocked back. This continued for around five minutes, until I heard a car coming so I stopped because I didn't want to give any curiosity to anyone, and I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy. I left came back four days later and spotted a track. The track was around four-five inches longer than my shoed foot, which is a size twelve.

ALSO NOTICED: Stick knocking, rock throwing, foot print

OTHER WITNESSES: One witness, just finished dinner

OTHER STORIES: Sightings a few years ago by a friend


ENVIRONMENT: Rivers edge, cloudy and windy day, winds from the north

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness at length and found him to be very credible. He is a health care professional and an avid outdoorsman. His answers to my questions were thoughtful and considered, and he asked a number of excellent questions in return to help himself be prepared should he ever have another encounter.

The witness was solo canoeing during the mid-week on the Buffalo River. The Buffalo River is the longest unimpounded river in Middle Tennessee in the United States, flowing 125 miles (201 km) through the southern and western portions of that region. It is the largest tributary of the Duck River and is very popular for canoeing, especially in its middle section. The river is named for the Buffalo fish which was abundant when the first European settlers arrived.

After hearing the first rock hit the river, the witness was able to see the second rock flying through the air. He indicated it was a sizable rock and came from a heavily wooded area across the river from where he was camped. Due to the heavy undergrowth, it was hard to determine how far off the ground the eyes were when the witness shined his light on them, but they were high enough to indicate an upright figure.

The rock throwing, plus the eyes that were seen, combined with the wood knocking exchange the next day are all indications of a probable interaction with a Sasquatch.