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Report # 30634  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Mr. G. on Thursday, September 15, 2011.
Night hikers possibly stalked near Bee Tree Preserve

YEAR: 2011

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 14

STATE: Maryland

COUNTY: Baltimore County

LOCATION DETAILS: I don't want to include directions in this report.


OBSERVED: In mid spring of this year, I was hiking through the woods with a friend in the middle of the night. Making our way up onto a trail, we stumbled upon a picnic table and decided to sit down and rest. We were startled to find the whole ground glowing green around us. Using my headlamp, we attempted to spot whatever was causing these little glowing green dots. At the time we had no clue what was causing this to happen, but we later realized that firefly larvae were lighting up the forest floor. Seeing the glows coming more intensely from a nearby hillside deeper in the woods, we decided to scan the the hillside with our headlamp. As soon as we shined the headlamp, we caught a pair or grapefruit sized bright green (with a slight hint of gold) eye reflections peering over the crest of the hill. We stood in shock, never removing the light from those eyes. "Maybe its a deer," she said. A few moments later the eyes raise up to be about 5 off the ground and rotate slightly more towards us. "See," I say, "It is just a deer." As soon as that last word leaves my mouth the eye reflections stand up another 4 feet to be standing at a towering 9 feet. It slowly occurred to be that I had never seen eye reflections of this color and that the closest thing might be a bear. Suddenly I hear a slight rustling behind me. Swinging the light around we caught the reflections of two more sets of eyes. They too were grapefruit sized and green, but were spookily sneaking up on us from behind. I get caught in a frenzy of shinning the light back and forth between all three sets of eyes until they just quietly disappear. we hurried out of the area, terrified, and made our way south to a different hiking area to take the whole situation in. Again we noticed firefly larvae, but when we began to approach the woods (which in fact are connected to the last area by water system) a bunch of creatures began running around in the woods, breaking branches and shaking bushes and trees. Later, upon watching one of your videos and discussing the experience with some knowledgable peers, I realized that I had experienced a sasquatch encounter. Returning to the same spot some 2 or 3 months later with a few buddies, we were able to catch the same eye reflections for a very short period of time.

ALSO NOTICED: Everything seemed to be coming alive at this point int he year. The firefly larvae were going nuts. There were so many that the whole ground looked as if it were glowing neon green.

OTHER WITNESSES: First incident included myself and another friend. Upon the return to the area, there were three of us (but only two of us were paying attention to see the eyes)

OTHER STORIES: Some 30 minutes south of the area, a buddy's brother claims to have sighted an ape-like creature wandering through his property. He only now expressed what he saw because he didn't think anyone would believe him until he heard us ranting about my experience.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Midnight. The sky was very clear and the warmth of later spring had begun to set in.

ENVIRONMENT: Moist and damp forest containing an array of oaks and a few hemlock trees. The environment is very rocky and has large amounts of mineral deposit. There is a sizable creek containing many fish running through the center of the small, swamp-like valley.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator D.K.:

After a lengthy conversation with the witness, Mr. G., the following information can be added to his report:

-The encounter occurred at night in a forested stream valley, adjacent to the Bee Tree Preserve in northern Maryland.

-Mr. G. estimates the first pair of eyes were 40 yards away from where he and his friend were located, and uphill from their position.

-When the eyes first rose up from the ground, Mr. G. still assumed he was looking at a deer, despite the large size of the eyes, which had just raised its head for a better look at him. When the eyes rose up another five feet, a full 9 feet above their starting position, Mr. G. knew he couldn't be looking at a deer.

-After staring at those large eyes for some amount of time, both Mr. G. and his partner heard movement in the brush behind and below their position. Mr. G. turned to find two more pairs of similarly colored, large eyes 25 yards away and approaching through the brush. When his light hit those eyes, both sets froze in place and ceased their approach.

-One pair of the second set of eyes was large, and similar in size to the pair first observed on the hill above. The second set of eyes was smaller, and significantly closer to the ground then the first set.

-After some minutes of turning his head back and forth, to look at all three sets of eyes, Mr. G. admits the large pair on the hill above left him very unsettled. Those eyes would move and turn, partially fading from view as the creature's head turned. Eventually those eyes turned away and vanished.

-Mr. G. turned his attention to the pair of eyes in the brush behind him, and they too turned away and vanished. One pair moved away to the left, and the other pair moved away to the right.

-During the course of our conversation Mr. G. commented frequently on how very quiet the creatures were as they approached and then departed. Their movements in the brush were barely discernible, but looked fluid based upon the motion of the eyes.

-After the episode, Mr. G. and his partner were unsettled and beat a hasty retreat to their vehicle. They drove some distance down stream, closer to the Pretty Boy Reservoir, and parked in another area adjacent to the wooded stream valley.

-After their arrival they heard the sounds of movement, brush and tree shaking, and very loud branch breaks in the forest around them. The sounds went on for nearly an hour, but Mr. G. did not see any reflective eyes despite shining his light into the forest. He adds that he was incredulous that something similar to what he'd just experienced could possibly be happening a second time, not very far away from the first incident.

-Mr. G.'s friends were the first to suggest he might have encountered a group of sasquatch that night, and encouraged him to look at some evidence on the web. After seeing the Kentucky Eyeshine video, Mr. G. felt it was very similar to what he'd observed, and decided to file his report.

-During our conversation Mr. G. also related summaries of two experiences his friends have had. One, in the Savage River State Forest in Western Maryland, involves three days of camping and trout fishing where the subject's camp was repeatedly ransacked and they were paralleled to and from camp during their fishing excursions. The second, involves an elk hunt in southern Oregon where the friend had multiple class A events with a decidedly aggressive sasquatch. The friend finally left the area for good, leaving expensive hunting gear hanging in a tree, after 12 inch diameter logs were thrown against the base of the tree he was hunting from.

-Mr. G. was encouraged to contact his friends and in turn encourage them to submit their reports to the BFRO for investigation.

-The region Mr. G.'s encounter occurred in has, over the years, seen a strong resurgence in biodiversity. Extensive stretches of the region are under cultivation or preservation and protected from future development. These areas are connected by corridors of forest and stream that circumvent the concentrated population centers dotting the area. It is very conceivable that a small group of sasquatch could inhabit the forests and valleys of northern Maryland and remain largely undetected. However, it is likely there are more incidents besides this one that have gone unreported. And anyone having a story similar to Mr. G.'s, in this region north of Baltimore, is encouraged to submit their report to the BFRO.

About BFRO Investigator D.K.:

D.K. is a business executive with an MS in Systems Engineering. Formerly a linguistic analyst, he applies his knowledge to the collection and study of sasquatch vocals and communication patterns. BFRO expeditions attended: Tennessee 2010, Pennsylvania 2011, Ohio 2012, West Virginia 2012 & West Virginia 2013