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Report # 2992  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, August 14, 2001.
Unusual vocalizations from Mississippi River bottoms between Hamilton and Warsaw

YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Spring


DATE: May 2001

STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Hancock County

LOCATION DETAILS: Follow Highway 96 threw Hamilton and take a left in front of Keokuk Hamilton Bridge. It is along the river bottoms.


NEAREST ROAD: Warsaw Hamilton Road

OBSERVED: My wife and I on several nights have heard a sound just like the recordings. On every occasion our dog growls like she is ready to kill someone.

On every occasion it goes on for a few minutes and then stops. On every occasion coyotes start to howl almost as soon as it starts. Whatever it was it seems to not be so frequent, but now that I have heard what you say is a bigfoot on your website I will make sure NOT to investigate it..

ALSO NOTICED: We have heard this thing a few times and i always thought that it was a hurt animal until i came across your website

OTHER WITNESSES: Me and my wife. We were asleep until we heard the sound and our dog started to bark.

OTHER STORIES: I have heard lots of stories of people out hunting in the area and hearing a panther screech.Alot of people in the area talk about a panther being loose in the area

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It always happens around in the early morning hours. It is usually nice out but very dark.

ENVIRONMENT: A lot of hardwoods with a creek leading to the Mississippi River.

Follow-up investigation report:

The vocalizations described have an affect on local dogs.
Also, many people feel that the sounds are originating from a
"panther" which might actually constitute a cougar (mountain lion) or even a bobcat.

Due to additional observations that have been privately been described, the actual chance of this being a sasquatch is a distinct possiblity. This is especially noteworthy since vocalization sounds have been compared favorably. The witness and his family have since moved away from the area.

Regarding patterns to when the vocalizations are heard, it seems to be seasonal. .