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Report # 29294  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Absolutely None on Thursday, May 26, 2011.
Sundown sighting by teen on bicycle in Eau Galle River bottoms

YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 27

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Dunn County

LOCATION DETAILS: Go out of Eau Galle,WI on D till you see a county road c or cc sign and then take that and you'll find your way to a bridge and like a 3 way stop if you look one way there is a hill/knoll and at the top of there is where i saw it



OBSERVED: It was back in july of 2006 i was biking to a friends house because she was having people over. In between our house you can take the D that leads into Eau Galle or you can take C i believe or cc. Instead of taking the long way and the busy way which is D i took C. I biked up over my hill out of my driveway and down through the what is called the Eau Galle bottoms which is a swampy and wooded area. I was 3/4 through the swamp and i was nearing a knoll just as i neared it i heared sticks braking and what sounded like foot steps i looked off to my right and saw i tall black figure. I screamed because i was terrifed and then i heard the most bone chilling noise in my life. i pedeled as fast as i could and kept looking back to see whatever it was wasnt chasing me. i kept hearing the sticks braking and i pedeled as fast as i could my heart was beating like a mother ******. I got to my friend house and i told her and she wouldnt believe me i was dead serious with her and almost cried but she wont till this day believe me.I've only told my brother,mom and dad besides my friend and none of them believe me. To all people that have seen one know what i mean it is very frightening

ALSO NOTICED: I was to scared to go back and look.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: late afternoon the sun was just starting to go down

ENVIRONMENT: The area is heavily wooded and has a major creek running through it, with some boggy areas.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rob Lowery:

I spoke with this witness over the phone for approximately 45 minutes. The following information can be added to his account:

The creature observed was between 7 and 8 feet tall (based on the saplings being 6 feet in height), very large build with wide rounded shoulders. Its hair was dark and about 3 inches in length, the hair appeared matted. It had a large head and neck.

It also had a very foul odor described as rotten wet dog, fishy garbage smell to it. When the witness saw this both the creature and witness took off in opposite directions, he on his bike and the creature running bipedal. Total time observed was about 10 seconds. The witness would not go back the area for over six months and has gone hunting in the area but remained on the road.

He says it was not a bear because he has seen them and knows this was not a bear.

I found the witness to be credible and sincere. I believe he encountered a Sasquatch in Wisconsin.


Editor's Note (Matt Moneymaker):

This public hunting grounds north of Lake Eau Galle look very squatchy from above. The larger river bottom extending north from the lake is likely flush with deer and small mammals, and possibly even fresh water clams. The deer would browse in the surrounding farm fields at night then retreat to the river bottom during the day. The sasquatches would do the same, but might move up and down this river bottom throughout the year.

Sasquatches wouldn't need to cross large tilled fields at night to get where they needed to go. They would have a spider web of pathways radiating out from this river bottom if they strictly stuck to: 1) brushy creek bottoms or 2) forested ridge lines, or 3) tree lines bordering agricultural fields. Following those features they could avoid leaving obvious footprints and would only rarely be spotted by local residents.

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About BFRO Investigator Rob Lowery:

Rob Lowery is an Inspector in the Fire Service.

- Served 10 years in the U.S. Army with the 82nd Airborne Divison.

- Attended the 2009 WI Expedition, 2011 So. IL Expedition