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Report # 2909  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, July 27, 2001.
Deer kill stash discovered after bigfoot sighting

YEAR: 1971


MONTH: October

DATE: about homecoming

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Le Flore County

LOCATION DETAILS: 300 yard from the east end of Green Hill Road, Southeast of Talihaina, Oklahoma in Leflore County

NEAREST TOWN: five miles southeast of Talihina, Okla. in Leflore County

NEAREST ROAD: About 300 yards from the east end of Green Hill Roado

OBSERVED: This story is as best as I can remember it, I will only use initials of persons involved, but there were several person involved at the time. You can take this story/report however you feel.

In the fall of 1971 while i was in High School, it was close to the High School football Homecoming, because several of the students were at Dressers Ranch Barn preparing a Homecoming float, when several menbers of the Talihina, Oklahoma High School football team, drove up to the Barn yelling and Screaming that they had seen something in the woods on Green Hill Road.

They even said that what ever it was was bigger than E.S. and had grabbed him while he was in the woods useing the Bathroom. E.S. was a Football player and was well over 6 foot 3 inches tall and weighted approx. 245 lbs.

E.S. would not get out of the truck, when they got to Dressers Barn. He was white as a sheet and seem to be in some sore of shock.

Another football player E.N. was shacking so bad he couldn't even zip his own pants.

Several of the other football players said they were there when it happened, but didn't see anything, except E.S. running back to where the fire was, passing them and locking himself in his truck.

E.N. jokeingly got his spot light out of his truck to shine it where E.S. had Come from, E.N. was holding the spot light in one hand and trying to take a wiz (leak) at the same time. E.N. said he seen it ( a large Hairy animal) standing about 20 feet from him.

E.S. and E.N. were the only ones to actually see whatever it was. But they were convencing enough that the others that were there, jumped in their vehicles and drove to town which was about five miles away. Since we had One of our teachers at dressers barn with us, they came there first. After they told us what had happened, we thought they were pulling our leg (joking). But once we seen the faces of E.S. and E.N., we thought there had to be something to it.

So all of us jumped into our car/trucks and headed out to Green Hill Road to see if we could See anything. Since there was a whole line of cars and trucks going out of town at the same time, the local Police seen us, and Called the highway Patrol and County deputy. they thought we were up to no good.

Once we got to Green Hill Road, several of us had spot lights and were shinning out into the woods, where E.S. had been grabbed. We didn't see anything out of place. Then the Highway Patrol trooper A.T. and the County Deputy H.B. arrived to try to run us off.

They did ask ,what was going on, so E.S. and E.N. told them what they had seen. After that the Highway patrol trooper A.T. and The Deputy Sheriff H.B. went out into the woods to look around. Just a few minutes later Both came back to the waiting group of High School Students , and told us, If we knew what was good for us We would get out of there. They neither confirmed or denied seeing anything.

We all left to go back to town.

At School the next day the topic of most conversations was the Green Hill Monster. After School C.B, B.T., F.M., J.N., J.C, F.W., A.W., O.C., R.T., M.T., E.N., B.L., all returned to Green Hill Road to have a look in the Day light.

Found was Three Deer, necks broken, and guts ripped out. None of the Deer had any bullet holes and were intact except for the guts being ripped out.

ALSO NOTICED: No body mentioned anything.
the strange behavior of the law enforcement officers when they came out of the woods.
Finding Three dead deer w/ necks broken the next day.

OTHER WITNESSES: several Witnesses, Most of the 1971 Talihina Highschool football team, Highway Patrolman, county deputy.
The Kids were Partying at first, but later returned to investigate.

OTHER STORIES: At the time no other stories or incidents.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: time of day, about 9 p/m
clear but cold

ENVIRONMENT: On South Side of Green Hill road is Cattle Pasture, Barbed Wire fence. On the North side of the Road (where the incident happened) was wooded, with a dead end turn off, where kids used to go to party. About 300 yards on east on green Hill Road, the road makes a T, on to North/south county Section line road.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness first thought that poachers were to blame for the deer kills. The animals were found near the bigfoot sighting location in an opening within a persimmon patch. However, upon examination, the witness, a hunter himself, determined that the deer had not been shot. He moved the deer to check for bullet holes and, in so doing, discovered that the necks had been broken.

He and the others looked for tracks, but found none in the surrounding grassy area.

The witness is a Vietnam veteran and a state employee. He did not wish for additional information to be shown because he is widely known in the region. In fact, it turned out that we have several acquaintances in common. I'm convinced that this is a highly credible person and believe it likely that the deer kill stash was connected to the sasquatch seen the previous evening.

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