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Report # 28998  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 20, 2011.
Motorist has possible roadside sighting at night west of Alliance

YEAR: 2010


MONTH: October

DATE: 22


COUNTY: Stark County

LOCATION DETAILS: Once you get out of Green, it its before you get to Malboro on the backside of the airport before you get to 44.

NEAREST TOWN: Green, Stark County

NEAREST ROAD: greensburg road

OBSERVED: On October 22, 2010, I was driving home from work, it was approximately 8 pm at night, and I was driving on a country road out behind canton airport when my headlights hit something huge standing at the side of the mind couldnt make sense of what it was, all I knew was the hair stood up on the back of my neck and I felt the need to get past this thing very I sped up..and it was just standing...right at the edge on the line at the side of the road wasnt moving..yet there was some sort of movement like the wind blowing something..I was so terrified that as soon as I got past it..I checked my rearview mirror and whatever it was was gone..the next morning in the light..I checked the whole area on my way past to work and there were no trees, as was suggested by friends..nothing but farm fields and a low hedgerow..I know without a doubt what this was..this was Stark County, Ohio.It was as if this thing was just watching, I know this isnt funny but it reminded me of the snuffaluffagus on sesame street..thats how huge it appeared..I called my daughter right away and had her talk to me until I could calm down. Ive had others could have been a cow..or a tree..and I say..does a cow stand upright alongside the road just chilling and watching...and how does a tree move from a field onto the edge of the roadway?

OTHER WITNESSES: Im not sure if anyone else had seen it, all I know was I kept watching behind me to see if any other cars came behind..but nothing...

OTHER STORIES: Ive grown up hearing stories like this but never expected to see anything like this..and especially just chillin by the side of the it was not afraid of my car..

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 8 pm, it was dark, and dry, and that is why when my headlights hit it..I saw it..

ENVIRONMENT: It was a farming area, residential where the homes are not close together...and this thing was standing by the side of the road.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Brad Bacon:

I spoke with the witness in a telephone interview and can include the following information. The witness travels Greensburg Road for her daily commute and is very familiar with everything along her route. While Greensburg road does travel just north of the Akron/Canton Regional Airport, her incident occurred further east in a more rural area, west of Alliance, OH. The witness was traveling east on Greensburg en route to her residence when her headlights illuminated the figure standing just off the side of the road. She instinctively slowed down. The figure was to her right on the south side of the road. The witness said, "It looked like a big, huge, giant person." "It had a head, big arms and lots of hair." The witness also said, "I felt like it was staring at me." The witness added that she was overcome with a feeling of she had to get past this thing so she sped up and moved on. After she was clear, the witness said she became very emotional and had to find a spot that she could pull over to call her daughter and recount what she had just experienced.

The witness is a lifelong resident of the area and has spent the last 25 years in her current residence. I found her to be credible and sincere in her accounts. Though it was dark and her encounter brief she is convinced she saw a Bigfoot and says she never wants to see another one.

About BFRO Investigator Brad Bacon:

Brad is a native Texan from McKinney. He grew up working with all forms of livestock and spent countless hours in the outdoors and this is where his interest in this subject began. Employment opportunities took him to Ohio where he actively investigated this subject in and around surrounding states. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M Commerce and a Associate of Science from Grayson College. Brad has also been a Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor for over 20 years. He attended the Pennsylvania 2009, 2011 and Tennessee 2010 expeditions. He has also Attended Texas 2012, 2014 and Kentucky 2013 as well as numerous private expeditions. He currently resides in a rural area northeast of McKinney, Texas.