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Report # 26473  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, August 23, 2009.
Possible sign and incidents on private property while scouting for deer south of Monkstown

YEAR: 2009

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: aug 22

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Fannin County

NEAREST TOWN: monkstown


OBSERVED: while out looking for deer tracks in the B'Darcs River Bottom in remote area on private property, not accessible by public, we noticed twisted branches. After looking further we found a barefoot print measuring appro 14". after going into creek bottoms, we found more footprints approx the same as before. We went deep into bottom later that evening and heard tree knocking from 3 different locations. We sat til after dark and continued to hear unexplainable noises. After dark in total darkness, we heard objects being thrown thru wooded area at us. I was too afraid to wait around. This property is located approx 6 miles south of Monkstown Tx.

ALSO NOTICED: During deer season I was sitting in my blind during winter and observed something walking the tree line 1000 yards away. Did not think it was a hunter cause no hat and no gone could be observed. Waiting to see object when exiting tree line but it disappeared.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 people looking 4 deer tracks

TIME AND CONDITIONS: evening hours clear and sunny until dark.

ENVIRONMENT: extremely wooded and unaccessible by public.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Marc Hatch:

I spoke with the witness and I found him to be very credible, and consistent in his reporting. The area where this happened is on private property usually only accessed by him and a few other family members for hunting.

He found a cedar tree about 2" in diameter twisted and broken and after further investigation found a limb about 4 to 5 feet off the ground broken on another tree. While looking around that tree he found a 14" print below the broken limb and another smaller print on the other side of the tree. He stated that it had rained the day before, but now the ground was dry and he was unable to make a print himself.

Later that same evening he returned with his wife, who has heard stories of sightings and noises around this area over the years. They sat down and right before dark they did some wood knocks and got return knocks from three different directions and at different distances. Some single knocks and some multiple. Once the area was completely dark they started to hear noises as if something was being thrown at them, then something small hit his wife's shoulder and she got scared and started crying so they left for the evening. The next day he returned on a four-wheeler to the same location and found small pebbles lying around in the sand. He stated to me that this area had no rocks or pebbles anywhere around except for the few that were laying there where they were sitting. He continued to the creek bed, where he heard some of the knocks coming from the night before, and found more prints.

The witness also told me about a possible sighting he had about a year and a half ago while hunting the same property. He stated that he was in a tree stand when he noticed what seemed like a man walking about 1000 yards away across the ridge. As he watched the individual he noticed that the subject didn't have a rifle or a hat on so he ruled out that it was another hunter. He continued to watch the subject through binoculars as the subject entered the tree line and he waited for it to come out on the other side which opened up to a field. The subject never came out of the tree line. He stated that if it was another person they would have had to walk about 10 miles to get to the point where he saw it.

About BFRO Investigator Marc Hatch:

Marc servres in the Army as an instructor at the DOD Biomedical Equipment school. He has been a bow hunter since he was a young boy growing up in northeastern Ohio and has military experience in survival techniques. He is based in Texas and attended the 2008 BFRO Expeditions in SE Oklahoma and Missouri and 2009 BFRO Expedition in SE Oklahoma.