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Report # 25961  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, May 13, 2009.
Young woman has close encounter at night outside of Georgetown

YEAR: 1986

SEASON: Summer


DATE: July 1986


COUNTY: Brown County

LOCATION DETAILS: the road this happened on has no name its about 3 miles off rt 68 headed to ripley Ohio.

NEAREST TOWN: Georgetown

NEAREST ROAD: between old 125 and rt68

OBSERVED: [Editor's Note - Although the narrative is written by someone accompanying the primary witness, it is an important perspective to have, so I'm leaving the narrative intact. The investigator of this report spoke directly with the primary witness, and found this report to be accurate.]

it was the summer of 86 i beleive when me my sister and couple other buddies used to go out at night running the backroads looking for old abandon houses to go through with flashlights .this for some reason was big fun for teens. anyway my sisters boyfriend knew of an old house in the woods on a dead end road that had the front door missing so we could just go right in and explore. we arrived at the old 2 story house with 12ft high ragweeds all around except a path to the front door,we all got out of the car and headed to the path to the front. i looked back for my sister and asked if she was comming she said no she would wait outside and took a few steps in front of the car,i think she was smoking a cigarette and us guys went inside the housewe wasnt in the house 5 min. when we heard a blood curlting scream come from my sister outside, we all bolted to the front door where we met her shaking and breathing really hard which rattled me because my sister doesnt run from anything and is tough as nails anyway this is what she saw.she was standing in front of her car 5ft from the 12ft rag weeds when the weeds started folding over from left to right with a very large black hair covered animal in the middle full tilt coming straight at her at an alarming speed she said it was hunched over running on 2 legs but bounding the weeds over with its huge arms she said when it was bent over with hands close to the ground it was still way taller than her. she closed her eyes and screamed and at the moment of impacked it viered off and disapeared into the brush . The house is sill there today but there is now a fence with a lock and chain.


OTHER WITNESSES: my sister was the only one that saw it.

OTHER STORIES: Investigator adds:

-There has been other peculiar things that have happened recently. There were two silhouettes seen in a round bale hay field at sundown in a rural area. There was no need for anyone to be out there at this time therefore they could not explain it. This occurred in June 2009.

-While hiking they have also found on two different occasions deer fur with skin on large rocks on the forest floor. There were no carcasses to be found.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it happened at night like 12 or 1 it was clear and warm with moon light.

ENVIRONMENT: this happened on the south side of georgetown ohio there is only farms and forests with creeks running through its thousands of acres all the way to the ohio river. the spot of sighting was dense brush woods high weeds.

Investigator adds-
- Rural old farm house approxiamately 5 miles from Ohio river and nearby creeks.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Joanna Cuva:

I spoke with the sister [the primary witness] at length, who I will not name in the report. She told me about her encounter in 1986, and I found her to be very reliable.

The witness, her brother, and a friend drove up to a piece of property in a rural area with an old abandoned farm house. The house was built on the side of a hillside. The young men were in the house, and she had come out to walk back to the car.

The weeds on the property that she had to walk through were five to six feet tall. As she was walking, she heard something large coming behind her through the overgrown weeds.

It showed itself at about three or four feet away. In her words, she thought that she had seen a gorilla that had escaped from somewhere. It immediately went up the steep embankment that the house was built on and disappeared. She had only natural light from the moon, but can not recall if it was full or not. The creature was black, with red eyes.

When asked if there were any other details, she had said it looked like a gorilla, and that during the bluff charge it was on all four limbs like a gorilla. While on all fours it was taller then her, and she is 5'7" tall.

She confirmed that it was definitely not a black bear, and that she has seen bears in the wild.

About BFRO Investigator Joanna Cuva:

Joanna AKA Joee, has worked as a veterinarian technician for over 11 years. She lives in the Green Swamp of central Florida area with her husband and her three children. She is very knowledgeable of the local wildlife, spending a lot of her time in the outdoors. Joanna has a special interest in wildlife and conservation. She attended South Florida Expedition 2008, North Florida Expedition 2009, Central Florida Expedition 2009, Pennsylvania Expedition 2009, Georgia Expedition 2010 and assisted with the organization of several Florida expeditions.