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Report # 2566  (Class A)
Submitted by witness M.R. MA on Tuesday, May 22, 2001.
College Psychology Teacher observes Bigfoot crossing road. Animal has covering of leaves and/or palm branches

YEAR: 1985


STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Alachua County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near county road 237 and NW 156th Steet(or Ave?
everything has been re-numbered for 911 addresses



OBSERVED: Alachua County, Florida, around 1985
We lived in the country, with thousands of wild acres around our five acre plot. While walking on our paved road in front of our house one morning, I saw a creature cross the road about 250 yards from me. I am a trained psychologist with a specialty in ready body language and knowing human gait and movement. This creature moved more like an ape than a human. He crossed at the small bridge over a flowing creek, and crawled down the side of the bridge into the creek and disappeared. I ran over and went into the creek, only about a foot deep, to see if I could catch up with him, but there was not a trace.
The very strange thing is that he was covered with green material, and it looked like leaves or palm branches from the sable palm. Have you ever heard of a bigfoot doing this to make himself less visible in the woods?

ALSO NOTICED: see description about green leafy material as camoflague(sp?)



TIME AND CONDITIONS: clear morning, daughter had just left for school and I was taking a walk

ENVIRONMENT: near woods, and some cleared pasture, by a creek bed that led to miles of un-trammeled woods

Follow-up investigation report:

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Linda J::

(Q) About how many minutes was the observation?

(A) less than a minute....ran across the road, looked my way, and disappeared on
the other side of the road...seen from over 100 yards away and was 5 to 6 foot tall.

(Q) What in your opinion was the animal using the palm frond for?

(A) It wasn't a single palm frond, nor am I sure it was a palm frond....He was
covered in green vegetation, almost as if he had made a covering or attached
large leaves to his body...we have several trees here with very large leaves,
like magnolia and several species of maple and oak, just to name a few. This
was the most striking thing at a distance, and made me feel that either
someone had gotten stuck naked in the woods and was trying to cover
themselves, or this was a creature who was covering him/herself for camouflage.

(Q) How tall was the animal ?

(A) I would say between 5-6 feet tall

(Q) Do you feel you observed a Monkey or a Bigfoot
based on it's movement?

(A) I have a master's from Goddard College in Somatic Psychology,
and have done advance studies in Feldenkrais, Wilhelm Reich, Ida Rolf, Judith
Aston, and others....This was not human movement.

(Q) How long did the observation last?

(A) Long enough for me to see it lope across a country two-lane paved road, and
disappear down the creek embankment by a small bridge crossing the road.
Ten, fifteen seconds, maybe.

(Q) Could you describe the head of the animal?

(A) Sorry, no, it was too far away, but it was not holding its head the way a
human holds its head, even with bad posture.