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Geographical Index > United States > Indiana > Vanderburgh County > Report # 2472
Report # 2472  (Class A)
Submitted by witness T.M. on Monday, April 17, 2000.
Large, unknown man-like creature approaches man tending rabbits.

YEAR: 1980

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Indiana

COUNTY: Vanderburgh County

LOCATION DETAILS: Wooded suburban,rural area north of city of Evansville,In. Area bordered by Evergreen Rd., Darmstadt Rd., Old State Rd., & Wortman Rd.

NEAREST TOWN: Evansville

NEAREST ROAD: Berry Drive, near U.S. Route 41

OBSERVED: I was going to feed rabbits I raised, when I heard someone walking through the brush, when I looked I saw a dark figure of what looked like a man. when I said "hello" it swayed from side to side and studied me, then began to approach me, I then could see very deep eye sockets oddly shaped, and it was covered in black hair. I turned and ran to the house, no sounds were heard. I was twenty feet or less from the creature when I saw it.

ALSO NOTICED: In a nearby woods my friend was riding his mini bike. He had stopped to take a break when this creature charged through the woods into the clearing where he was stopped. It was sweating, with a beet red face and winded. He started his bike, startling the creature. He took off to home and he also told me of seeing strange feces in a nearby abandoned barn during the same year.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just myself. I also have a friend who saw the same creature about the same time that year in a nearby woods


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Between 5:00-6:00am,Very quiet,still, just before sunrise.Warm & clear.

ENVIRONMENT: Suburban yards between two lakes, also nearby wooded uninhabited {by people} areas. Sighting area connects to large woods ,ash, hickory, oak, trees etc. Said to be small cave in center of area. My actual sighting spot was a
vacant lot behind home, very dense thicket, creature walked through. Also railroad right of way in this area

Ditches, valleys, hilly.