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Report # 24586  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, August 23, 2008.
Possible daytime road-crossing by a juvenile outside Esto

YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 27

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Holmes County

LOCATION DETAILS: Directions are for you study, not internet-



OBSERVED: Less than one mile from home, driving to work going west on FL route 2, the car windows were closed with the air conditioning on and the radio was playing. On the north side of the road just outside of a pine tree farm, a large animal had started crossing the road. It was down on all fours, and it looked like a giant foot stool. It was reddish-brown with long hair, the head sat directly on its shoulders, but the face was looking away from me up the hill. The chest was flat like a human, not curved down like a large dog or bear. I was
surprised to see the animal glide across the road, for I didnt see its knees bend and it wasnt in a hurry. It crossed to the south side of the road and disappeared into the thicket, which composed most of the south side of the road, with Ten Mile Creek at the bottom of the hill.

ALSO NOTICED: About two years before my sighting, my husband & I were sitting on the front porch in late evening just before dark when we both heard a strange scream. I jokingly said to my husband, If I didnt know better, Id say that that was a bigfoot.

OTHER WITNESSES: None - no - just myself

OTHER STORIES: About two years after my sighting, a neighbor was visiting us and my husband asked me to tell the neighbor my story. After I explained my sighting, the neighbor stated that he had also heard these strange screams on different occasions. Behind his home is Ten Mile Creek.

Sunny, clear, warm

ENVIRONMENT: Pine Tree Farm on N.
Thick woods on S.
3/4 up a hill
Ten Mile Creek at bottom of hill

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Smykal:

Although this report sounds as if the witness may have seen a bear, the witness stated that she was from Pennsylvania and had seen many bears there. She stated that she was absolutely positive that this was not a bear. She observed it for about a minute from a distance of about 25 - 50 ft away. The creature's length was estimated at 5 1/2 - 6 ft long. The witness did not investigate or return to the site as she was on her way to work. During the interview, she also added that it was walking on it's knuckles and gave her the definite impression that it was a juvenile because of it's gangly appearance. It remained on all fours the entire time. We do have a number of credible reports of this nature, indicating that juvenile sasquatches may spend quite a bit of time on all fours and adults only on occasion. Also noted was the fact that it did not have any sign of a tail. Sighting took place about 100 yards from a creek and close to the Florida/Alabama border.

About BFRO Investigator Kevin Smykal:

Kevin Smykal is a mechanical contractor in northern Florida.
He attended the following BFRO expeditions: