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Report # 2387  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, May 5, 2001.
Camper at Mill Creek Campground heard three screams that echoed through the forest

YEAR: 1993 or 94

SEASON: Summer

DATE: 06/01/1993

STATE: California

COUNTY: Del Norte County

LOCATION DETAILS: Going Southbound out of Crescent City a little ways entering the redwoods is a campground on the left hand side of the road. I believe it was called DelNorte Campground. This is where I was when I heard the scream/hollar

NEAREST TOWN: Crescent City, California


OBSERVED: I was camping at Del Norte Campground outside of Crescent City California. I woke up very early in the morning before anyone else. It was about dawn. I was walking to the campground bathroom and I heard the loudest yelling I've ever heard that is hard to explain in words. It echoed all thru the mountains. It was a yell by something, but not a man, bear, or wildcat. It took place 3 times. Needless to say I ran the rest of the way to the bathroom and my heart was pounding. I don't know how else to explain it but with a yell or a hollar but so loud it would echoed off the trees and thru the mountains. I didn't see anything, but I was too afaid to do any looking.
A while after that I was watching a big foot documentary, where someone had recorded sounds they thought to be big foot. This was the exact same hollar I heard. It made the hair on my arms stand up. I've never seen that video since and I would love to see and hear it again.

OTHER WITNESSES: I never brought it up, and I don't believe anyone was awakened by it.

OTHER STORIES: I haven't heard of any incidents of someone hearing anything like this, but there was a sighting in the last year or so by a man who lives in Grants Pass Oregon. He was hiking with his family by the Oregon Caves (this would be the same direction to go as if traveling to the coast) and he said he saw bigfoot watching him and his family. He also said he smelled something foul before this happened.He was so frightened that he turned his family around and ran them out of there.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was dawn when the sun was coming up. The weather was nice. Sunny, typical summer weather.

ENVIRONMENT: I believe it would be considered a pine forest. It is the redwoods that go along the coastline in Northern california.

Follow-up investigation report:

The campground this person is referring to is Mill Creek Campground. It is a very remote campground located in a valley about ten miles south of Crescent City. This area is between Crescent City and Klamath and is surrounded by old growth redwoods and fir trees that continue east for many miles. It has a long history of sightings and is well know by the local Indian tribes as an area where Bigfoot lives. Several sightings have occurred within a few miles of this campground over the last 8 years including the Hunter Creek incident in 1992 and the "playmate video" in 1995.