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Report # 23615  (Class A)
Submitted by witness no on Wednesday, April 16, 2008.
Daytime sighting on the Yadkin river

YEAR: 1992

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Iredell County

LOCATION DETAILS: 40 east ext 163 Cool spring exit. left on hwy 64 go under 40 and first rd on left. go roughly 1 mile or mile and 1/4 . pass over yadkin river immediate right under bridges that 40 runs over.

Very near Davie/Iredell line

NEAREST TOWN: Statesville or Mocksville about equel distance.

NEAREST ROAD: Interstate 40

OBSERVED: The only thing about my sighting Iím not 100% sure of is the month. and distances and Heights but I feel Iím pretty close.

On or around July or August of 1992 I was working at a Chinese Restaurant in town. I was supposed to be heading for work, but had made my mind up earlier that I was going to layout. So that I wouldnít be caught by my Grandparents and or Father for being a slacker I needed a place to hide/something to do. Well not having any money I chose a place that A. gave me cover and B. gave me a place to kick around and explore. Near where we use to live (and still near today) near the Yadkin River they use to hold Tractor pulls, singings (John Anderson sang there once before he made it big) etc. It had gone out of business quite a few years back but there were still some dilapidated buildings still standing and some bleachers. I parked my car underneath the bridges that the interstate ran across and hopped over the DO NOT ENTER signed cable barrier. I followed the dirt path that led to the remains of what was once called ĎThe River Run. The path ran parallel to the river, but turned away from it roughly two hundred yards from where I hopped the cable. I reached the Remains and kicked around, I looked in the old Bathrooms (basically a Pee stall) checked under the bleachers for change or dollar bills that may still be there, of course there wasnít any. And little did I know before I got there that a crane they had recently (couple months) been using to dig out sand from the river (for what I do not know) was still there. I of course looked it over, crawled in the cab, looked for keys etc. Well, not only was I getting BORED quickly, it was getting hot. It was a hot summer and having been indoors WORKING, like a good boy the whole summer until then, I hadnít realized how hot it got at around 11:00 am. So I decide that there had to be a better place to chill. I headed back down dirt path. The areas that the Buildings were located were Roughly one hundred and fifty yards away from the river. As I was heading back I noticed something that appeared to be sitting on the riverbank; I first assumed it was a dog. I whistled, yelled here Boy and all that and it didnít respond. As I got closer I realized it wasnít a dog and felt stupid, cause there were weeds and such growing at the bank and I just figured I was Whistling for WEEDS to come to me. As I got closer and closer it appeared to be a very Unkempt, long haired hippy of a man. But the Funny thing was I could only see the Bust of him (chest to top of head) so then I just assumed it was a Bum standing on a ledge in the river looking over the bank watching me. So I kept walking, actually strutting to let this Bum know if he tried to mess with me, he was going to get his ars whipped, but good. As I kept walking and not paying any attention to the Bum a strange sensation came over me (to this day I canít explain it) I looked up and thatís when I realized it wasnít a bum, it was something else, what, I do not know but it wasnít human. At this point I was roughly 50 yards away, my mind was racing and my heart was beating, here I was almost face to face with a Big foot? So I did the only rational thing I could think of at the time, I ran towards. I know that, that doesnít seem to be the brightest thing to have done BUT in my mind and with the MILLION things running through it the one thing that didnít go through my mind was fear, NOT one ounce. UntilÖI was, at this point, roughly forty yards away and the closer I got, the doubts, if any that this THING was not human was completely gone. At about some thirty yards away I took my eye of it for just and I mean JUST a split second and it was gone and that is when fear struck me. I halted quickly. I dare say now I was 25 yards away from where IT was. I was petrified, I stood there for what seemed like hours, while I was standing there it was the first time that I really had the chance to reflect on what I just saw, and all I can remember thinking was. A. Why did it look like Chewbacca from Star Wars minus the black nose? B. Why did it have very light fur almost dirty strawberry blonde? C. Why no smell, donít they always stink? D.Why did I wuss out and get scared? I finally Talked myself out of being a big wimp and decided that if it was what I think it was I need proof. I BABY stepped looking left and right as quickly as my neck could turn the whole time I was walking to the river bank. I reached the River bank and scanned the River and River bank like my life depended on it. I roughly stood there for 15 minutes looking at the Highest point to where IT could have been standing looking over the River bank at me. I looked for tracks but all I found was sand slid into the river, I looked for hair and nothing. I even sniffed around and couldnít smell anything but what smelt like fish. I then jumped to the highest point to try a gauge how tall IT was. Iím 6í2 and have a reach of 7í6 and I had to bounce a little (not a hard jump) but bounce nonetheless for the tips of my fingers to be even with the River bank from the highest point IT could have possibly be standing. I know I had to bounce at least 6 inches(any more and Iím sure I would have slid into the water, so that puts the river bank height roughly 8 feet and I was seeing ITĒS Bust so IT was (and itís a guess) roughly 9í3 Ė9í5 or more . I finally climbed out of the riverbank, walked to my car peering and alert to anything jumping out, but nothing eventful happened. Got in my car drove home, no one ever asked me if I laid out of work cause no one EVEN NOTICED!!! Needless to say I never laid out of work again., well not without a good reason.

ALSO NOTICED: During Deer season, a couple of Hunters came out of woods told One of my neighbors/Friends they would never go back again, asked why they would tell him. He said they seemed scared but were not the type to scare easily.


OTHER STORIES: 2-3 mile down the river at a local farm, 4 people 1 dead now) has seen something in there river bottoms either for 1 or 2 summers around 1995, called it Big Red (there river Bottoms have a lot of Red clay. 2 of the 4 left alive will not talk about it for fear of looking stupid or weird. The other living one, well just looks for a reason to talk about it. The dead gentlemen mentioned it to me but wouldn't go into great detail, other than it was tall, had a Red Hugh and was big.

I personal have another incident from just little more than a month ago, will detail it in another story.I know th odds of two encounters are almost impossible, But it was SOMETHING in the woods.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Almost Noon. bright, sun to my back. Getting hot, guessing 84-86 at the time

ENVIRONMENT: sandy river bottom, Field was weedy and brushy . no landmarks all structures are gone now. Now the area have pine trees growing in the field I was walking in

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator MB Pope:

The witness was very forthcoming about his experience. After a lengthy conversation by phone, the following details can be added to the initial report:

-A small creek runs into the river at the sighting point.
-The animal was standing, facing the witness the entire time, visible from the chest up, and at a distance of about 20-30 yards.
-The fur was long, about 9 inches, and very matted. The animal looked "dirty" and the fur was strawberry blonde in color.
-The eyes appeared to be brown. The nose was wide and dirty. The face was fur covered and the animal seemed to have a "mustache" covering the mouth.
-Head had a "nice curve to it" and the neck was not visible.
-After losing sight of the animal, the witness estimated the height of the animal using his own height. The witness is 6'2" with a reach of about 7'6". Using this comparison standing on the river bank, the witness estimated the height of the animal to be at least 9'.
-The animal appeared to be lanky and weigh 400 lbs or so.
-The witness stated "I know what I saw".

About BFRO Investigator MB Pope:

Lives in coastal South Carolina and is self employed in construction and development. Loves the outdoors and has hiked throughout the Pacific Northwest, the Rockies, Chile, Argentina, and the Appalachians. She attended BFRO in SC (2007), NC (2008), and Georgia (2008). She will be attending the 2009 expeditions in North Carolina and Georgia.