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Report # 22973  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, January 23, 2008.
Young ape-like creature seen squatting on a tree limb near Shingleton

YEAR: 1993

SEASON: Summer


DATE: first 2 weeks of mo.

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Schoolcraft County

LOCATION DETAILS: Approx. 2 miles south of Shingleton on M-94 and 4 to 5 miles west. (Hiawatha National Forest, northeast section)

NEAREST TOWN: Shingleton ,


OBSERVED: We were on a fishing trip in the Michigan / U.P. We had topographical maps and were looking for a lake to catch some bluegill. While driving down a sand road through the forest in my extended cab pick up, I looked to my left (heading west, looked south) and saw sitting in a tree about 30 - 45 yards into the forest a young ?? ape-like creature. It had long (possible 4 to 5 inches) reddish, dark brown to black hair but had a monkey / humanoid face that was much lighter (not white but not black like a monkey) It sat on the limb (no tail visible) as a human would squat on the ground. It appeared that if standing on the ground it wouldn't be much over 28 to thirty inches tall. I was only driving about 10 mi/hr so I got a good look. As I drove by , my son asked, "Did you see that?" I answered in the affirmative and after another quarter mile, I was able to turn around and go back. When we got back to where the incident had taken place, it was gone. I asked my son to point to where he had seen it and he pointed to the exact same spot I had seen it. I asked him to describe it and he described the same thing. My father was in the front seat with me and did not see it. He advised that we should report it, but I thought little of it and went on with life in gereral.

ALSO NOTICED: My son and I saw it at the same time. Father in front seat on passenger side, but did not see it.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself and my son riding in truck. Son in back seat (extended cab). We were looking for a lake to fish.

OTHER STORIES: Yes. About 30 miles south near Escanaba a few years previous. Young man being harrassed at night while walking down a sand road.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 1:00pm. Bright blue skys. Lots of sunshine. Two weeks into the month. Dark of the moon.

ENVIRONMENT: Hardwood / pine Forest on south side of sand road. Lake and swamp on north side. Hardwood / pine forest farther north of swamp.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Caroline Curtis:

At the time, his 14 year-old son suggested that if there was such a thing as sasquatch, they just saw a baby one. The arms were folded across the knees. It appeared to be observing the road and not acting surprised to see them as it made eye contact. This witness has observed primates in captivity many times and estimates the size to be that of a full-grown chimp but it did not sit like one. The hair was reddish brown except for the face. The face resembled a caucasion man's face with a monkey nose and the eyes were dark. The chin was short and it had a little bit of a beard. The palms were white like the face.

The DNR was contacted. They were laughed at and told there were no reports of loose monkeys in the area.

We talked for a while and I was impressed by his life-long knowledge of the Michigan woods and its wildlife.

About BFRO Investigator Caroline Curtis: