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Report # 20159  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, July 9, 2007.
Nighttime sighting by motorist on Hwy 33 near Seneca Rocks

YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Summer



STATE: West Virginia

COUNTY: Pendleton County

LOCATION DETAILS: We were somewhere between Harmon and Seneca Rocks, West Virginia on US 33. We were probably in Pendleton County, but may have been in Randolph. It was close to the county line, I think. My boyfriend says we may have been about 10 miles west of Seneca Rocks.

NEAREST TOWN: Harmon or Seneca Rocks


OBSERVED: I didn't actually see the creature, but was riding in the car with my boyfriend when all this occurred.

We were coming back from a trip to Ohio with a detour to see some friends in West Virginia. Instead of taking interstates home to Virginia, we took US 33, a very twisty mountain road, heading east. I was dozing in the passenger seat when I was startled by my boyfriend yelling "what the hell was that?!" I sat straight up, and noticed that whoever was in the car behind us suddenly hit the brakes and flashed up the high beams. We were only going about 30 anyway because we were rounding a curve, so he got a pretty good view of whatever it was. His first description was "some guy was walking on the road in a tree costume."

After he told me a few more details, I yelled, "Sasquatch! That's what you saw!"

I immediately took some notes.

This is what he says that he saw: human-like figure, at least six feet tall and very bulky, with very long hair ("the hairiest thing I've ever seen"). It was a mossy grayish green color. It was walking along the side of the road upright like a man, but slightly hunched over with knees bent and elbows sticking out ("an ape-like walk, definitely not human"). It had no distinguishable facial features, because it was so hairy. He says the arms were six to eight inches wide and the legs were wider, at least eight inches. The creature also did not react to the sound and light from our car or the one behind us. He says it was absolutely not a bear, deer or large dog.

Without our headlights, it was completely dark with just a little moonlight. The creature had no light source, and if it was a man (in a pretty elaborate costume), it was on a heck of a walk because there was not anything within reasonable walking distance, especially with no light.

OTHER WITNESSES: My boyfriend was the only one who saw it, but I was there when it happened. The people in the vehicle immediately behind us hit the brakes and turned on their high beams a split second after my boyfriend spotted the thing, so they presumably also saw it.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was around 11:30 p.m. on a Sunday night. As I said before, it was very dark, not much moonlight, but a clear night. Very warm.

ENVIRONMENT: Winding mountain road with lots of trees. We were going around a fairly sharp bend uphill. There was a house about a mile to the east, but nothing in the other direction for miles until Harmon.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Stephen Willis:

This report began as a class"C" due to the 2nd hand nature of the original filing. Subsequently the actual witness of the Sasquatch granted an interview and as a result, upgraded the report to a class "A" sighting.

The witness was driving East, along US Highway 33 in a very remote portion of West Virginia. It was near midnight with a little moonlight visible. The sighting lasted approximately 4 seconds and was described as follows:

The creature was walking hunched over in the opposite direction they were driving. He could see its face but did not notice any eye shine reflecting from his headlights. The hair was colored somewhat like the bark of a tree, greenish/gray. It was proportioned like a human except for a much thicker body, neck, and head. He stated the creature did not display any reaction to the two vehicles passing it that night. The remining details match those expressed in the statement above.

This is the third of three sightings within 10 miles of Seneca Rocks in 2007.

About BFRO Investigator Stephen Willis:

Grew up in central West Virginia. Retired from the US Army in 2003. Small manufacturing business owner. Lived for almost 7 years in Germany and 1.5 years in the Mideast.