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Report # 19472  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, May 31, 2007.
Late day and early morning sightings near the Wind River Mountain Range

YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Spring


DATE: Mid and end

STATE: Wyoming

COUNTY: Fremont County

LOCATION DETAILS: Along the US Hwy 287 on the route to Yellowstone National Park, near the Wind River Mountain Range


NEAREST ROAD: U.S. Hwy 287 or 26 on the way to Yellowstone

OBSERVED: I work for a tribal government in Wyoming and it is not every day we hear of things that go on in the community such as these sightings. Over the years there have been reports of bigfoots and they were neither investigated or had anyone interested in really going out and finding the truth. These sightings of this creature have been linked to various beliefs as well in the culture.

About 15 years ago many thought the sightings of this creature, or this spirit, was a bad sign or warning. Today, after many years I am again hearing about several co-workers seeing it in the same area. A river runs nearby as well as perfect willow patches and tree areas where something could hide.

A bigfoot was sighted in broad daylight and persons were telling about it at the Health Fair about a month ago in May 2007. I heard of this from some colleagues who would not make something up or embellish it. Another incident happened a week after the Health Fair. My co-worker has a girlfriend he lives with who took her sister home about midnight in the area of where a rodeo grounds and many trees are located. She took her sister home on a dirt road and then they sighted the hairy big creature in front of their car lights walking on the road. They had no other way around it or any way to turn around and the creature stopped and turned to face them directly. It was very frightening to them.

I had a sighting on the reservation many years ago when I was a teenager. I had to open a gate near the highway where I live in Crowheart. I was 15 at the time and I am now 41. I seen in a snow blizzard a tall hairy man that walked rapidly across the road. He was huge. It happened so fast it was almost unreal. As anyone else can tell you the hair stands up on your neck, you get cold clammy hands, and your stomach flips over, and it seems like an eternity if the creature looks directly at you. Now again last night on May 30, 2007, my co-worker states his mother seen something near their house which is in an area with lots of trees. It seems it is hanging around near their home and perhaps they will catch it on camera phone or digital. Meanwhile there may be others that have not yet come forth in this area. Also, I know there must be some validity to this and someone could discover a very real creature since the sightings are becoming more frequent.

ALSO NOTICED: So far I gather that there have been more then four now and it appears to be growing. These are people that claim actual sightings of it.

OTHER STORIES: Yes many years ago the sightings were rampant but no one reported it to news. The local police may have these reports or maybe dismissed them since they were only word of mouth. There was talk that it was appearing because of the bad things that were going on. Most elderly natives here thought it was appearing as a warning since many believe that it shows up during times of bad things going on such as the suicides that were happening years ago. Most Native people will believe in this creature and some may have seen it but didn't report it. Now the younger people and generations of today are willing to come forward because they know there is something here. It won't be long I believe until we have substantial proof of it being around here.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: One sighting happened near midnight and another other sighting occurred in broad daylight. The majority of the other sightings I heard about happened in the dark hours. No rain, clear days.

ENVIRONMENT: The environment is trees but not many and right near a rodeo ground and near some homes that are in the trees. A river runs nearby. There is some willow patches with water and irrigation. Right now the run-offs are coming down as the snow is melting. We have had much colder days in the higher elevations and some snow in May. It is unusually colder and then we get sweltering days of sunshine. It is different this year.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Brooke Raser:

After multiple phone conversations with this witness, as well as two other witnesses, I found the sighting stories to be credible and mutually corroborating. The informant/witness asked that we not name the native reservation in the report, at least not at this time.

I took a small group to investigate the terrain in this area, and the potential food sources, and the water sources. The terrain is very strategic. The potential food sources are plentiful, and there are many reliable water sources that are not affected by typical drought conditions.

Vocalizations are heard occassionally in a particular canyon near a particular small town, and the sightings have happened on the edge of this town. The path between the canyon and the town is along a stream bed with the patches of trees and willows which provide excellent cover.

About BFRO Investigator Brooke Raser:

Brooke is a PA native who has spent most of his life in the Rocky Mountain Region, and participated in the Colorado '05 and Washington '06 Expeditions. He organized Wyoming Expedition 2008 which included a class A encounter, followed by a class A encounter at Colorado Expedition 2008. Currently he is organizing the upcoming Wyoming Expedition 2009. His interest of Sasquatch began as a boy with his Father reading the "Classics" to him on the porch at night.