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Report # 17443  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, January 28, 2007.
Possible whistles heard by campers north of Sault Saint Marie

YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August



LOCATION DETAILS: North Lake Superior Region

NEAREST TOWN: Sault Sainte Marie


OBSERVED: Last year a bunch of us went up to Superior for a week of backcountry camping.
The weather was really bad except for a couple of days near the end of the week so we ended up staying in campgrounds ( we had five kids with us ) for the start of the week.
Anyway we decide to take a four hour hike into the backcountry which would end up at a remote camp spot by the lake.
The camp is set on a beach facing out to the lake. There is old growth forest behind the camp leading into acres of wilderness.
A couple of the girls were going back to the toilet ( a seat on a box in the middle of the bush ) around 6p.m. and they came back shortly after stating they saw something black ( about 60 feet away) behind some trees/bushes. It wasn't moving as if it was hiding or watching them. ( this is stated in more detail in a seperate report by my wife )
My brother and I went back there but we didn't see or here anything. There was only one couple at the other end of the beach , about a ten minute walk.
As an added note, I had my alaskan malamute with us and he did not pick up anything unusual. The thing to note here is there is a constant wind or breeze coming off the lake.

Later that same night around 11p.m. we were all sitting around the fire enjoying the moment. I was standing with my back to the lake facing the fire and thought that I heard a whistle or something that resembled someone whistling.
At the same moment the rest of the bunch heard it as it was quite evident. It stopped for a moment as we all moved away from the fire to just outside the glare to get a better look. Then the whistle started again. It was the creepiest thing since it sounded like someone was standing in the dark whistling at us.The whistle was almost like a tune, as strange as that was. Now there is no way that there was someone out there in the pitch black doing that. No flashlight, nothing, no way. We shone our light around as we heard the whistle and then it stopped.
What the? we all looked at each other. The strangest part was we all just went back to the fire and continued on as if it didn't happen. Maybe we were in disbelief or didn't want to freak the kids out.
The other strange part was my dog didn't flinch about the whistle. No reaction at all other than getting up with us as we went away from the fire.

My brother and I stayed up about three hours after the incident but nothing else happened.
Just recently I was looking up the Wendigo and read that the Native Indians stated that the Wendigo ( aka Sasquatch) would whistle to attract the kids as if to abduct them. That creeps me out totally since I have camped in that spot before but never with kids around and I've never heard anything like that in the bush.

OTHER WITNESSES: four adults, two children

OTHER STORIES: Various different incidences in the park area

TIME AND CONDITIONS: clear night about 15 deg celsius, slight breeze

ENVIRONMENT: Sandy beach area with a pine forest directly off the beach and then the land climbs in elevation.

Follow-up investigation report:

This same witness had a sighting in the fall of October 11, 2006 ( Report#16807 ).While investigating that report the witness recalled this incident while camping, and thought it might be relevant. I suggested he submit it as a separate report. It occurred north of Sault Ste. Marie two years earlier.

The witness is a very experienced outdoorsman who has spent a considerable amount of time in Northern Ontario, the Yukon and British Columbia. He also has good knowledge of all the animals that inhabit these regions. He describes the "whistles" he heard as eerie and uncanny. The area the witness camped in was remote with no other campsites in the vicinity.

In the spring, the witness will accompany myself to this park area.