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Report # 113  (Class B)
Submitted by D.W. on Saturday, August 19, 2000.
Son and friend find footprints. Later something stalks them along riverbank, incident retold by his father

YEAR: 1975


MONTH: October

DATE: 10/1/75

STATE: Kansas

COUNTY: Neosho County

LOCATION DETAILS: The location is a tributary creek that flows into Lake Parsons, and can be accessed by turning south of Galesburg, KS for two miles, then back west about one half mile to the creek bridge.

NEAREST TOWN: Galesburg, Kansas


OBSERVED: Although I, nor my boys have actually seen a bigfoot, they have seen strong evidence of one.

About 1975, my son and his friend found large tracks in fresh snow south of Galesburg, KS. They followed these tracks for about a half mile until they stopped under an old railroad trestle. Sometime later, they were checking limb lines about 12:30 AM in their boat in the same area. The night was very dark and although they had a flashlight, all it would reveal was the immediate brush along the creek. As they paddled along, they kept hearing something in the brush which they assumed was a deer. A few minutes later, a huge rock came flying downward in front of their boat and hit the water. Whatever it was had to be either human, or a human type of creature. It is unlikely to have been a person since that side of the creek is avoided because of its inaccessability and very heavy brush.

ALSO NOTICED: Just north of the incident, tracks were found the previous winter.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two witnesses, my son and his friend. They were paddling a rowboat to check limb lines.

OTHER STORIES: No other stories

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 12:30 AM Chilly,but not cold.

ENVIRONMENT: Brushy woods along a muddy creek...important...the west side of the creek is unaccessable by car, but by parking the car along the road, one can walk south into the woods.

Follow-up investigation report:

After interviewing the witnesses father, he added the following to his son's encounter.

The strides were large enough that the witnesses had to jump from print to print in order to match the stride length. They followed the footprints from a nearby pond to an old railroad trestle, then they ceased to follow them any further.

Later that night, the two witnesses heard something pacing them on the bank while they were checking their limb lines. Due to the thickness of the brush and briars, the two thought it may have been a deer, until the large rock was thrown towards their boat. The two proceeded to leave the area.