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Report # 10136  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, December 31, 2004.
Close roadside observation of female upright animal along country road

YEAR: 2000/2001


MONTH: October

DATE: 10/22/2001

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Tioga County

LOCATION DETAILS: Go out Day hollow Rd from Endicott NY about 10 to 15 minutes and foster valley is a right hand turn off of day hollow. the sighting occured about 1/4 mile from day hollow.

NEAREST TOWN: Endicott/Owego

NEAREST ROAD: On Foster Valley Rd

OBSERVED: I submitted this report, I thing back in october(i think) and did not see anything posted or had any contact and omitted my phone number as no one in my household has been told of this story but will resubmit fully.

I'm unsure of exact year but I had returned to the area in june of 2000 and I think it happened the following fall of 2000 or 2001. Me and a buddy(him driving) were out driving backroads spotting deer as it was near hunting season if I recall correctly. We often drove the backroads out here doing just that......spotting wildlife.

It was roughly around 1AM.

We were heading south on Foster Valley Road in Tioga county New York and approaching one of the main country roads(Day Hollow Road) and were within 1/2 mile of it......or there abouts, traveling about 30mph. As we were approaching the S's we could see the approaching lights of an oncoming car. Their headlights would have shined away to the uphill side (east side) of the road and they might not have even seen the creature due to location, light direction and visible location in the turns. We passed the car at about the same time we passed the creature and the headlights kind of obsured my vision of the creature but my buddy was focused on it and says he was not so bad and he probably got a more vivid look than I did as i lost good clear vision due to eye adjusting to the oncoming glare.

The road is a bit windy and as your approaching Day Hollow there is a couple of slight switch back " S " turns. When heading south, right along that section there is a very steap bank at road edge to your right side with no guardrail and bank at it's highest might be 15 feet and drops down to a slightly tree'd slightly open flat so to speak. A person could easily jump from the road and land in the flat it is that steap.

The S turns are just about as perfectly inbetween the two closest houses to the area.

There are NO street lights in that section and a very dark section it is.

Due to the direction we were traveling and location of the headlights. Well we could see "something/someone" standing right on the edge of the road but on the bank. This bank is extemely short and steap. I would think it be a challenge for any person to stand or climb that bank but here is what we thought of as a person standing right there.

It was DIRECTLY infront of us and we could see that it was looking at the other approaching car even though it's headlights were not even close to being fixed on it. We spotted this "person" probably around 50 yards away so we had some time to try and focus.

Even though the encounter actually happened within a short time frame I can look back on it as if it was slow motion and is permanently engrained in my mind.

As we approached this creature we didn't realize what it was or how big it really was till just after passing it.

The comments inside the truck were kinda humorous and no offense is intended towards anyone peron inparticular but kind of go along with the sighting. Now the location of this thing in relation to the road and time of occurance was quite quite a dangerous spot for a "person" and most people would have probably stepped back away from the road but keeping in mind one step back is about 6 feet down easy.

The comments as we approached were with some explitives and without being offensive here something like.....

Holy cow, what kind of idiot would be standing there dressed in all black hooded sweatshirt.

I don't know but they better step back.

Damn it looks like one BIG woman(torso completely visible and appeared large chested with what I'd figure as breasts)

Ya and why she all dressed in dark with a hooded sweatshirt on(looking back on it now I'd give a smoked charcol dark grey)

Damn they better step back if they don't wanna get hit(we actually slowed a bit due to oncoming car and passing at location of creature so we needed the full road and edge of shoulder to pass the car)

The creature seemed to be looking more at the other vehicle and didn't turn to look at us till we were just about to hit/pass. She wasn't maybe five feet from the side of the truck and I looked her in the face out the side window as passing.

At that moment we both got a decent look at her face. When she turned to look at us she kind of turned her torso and body with the head to do so.

She was obviously big and even though she was standing on the bank, i'd have to say that we saw about 5 feet of the creature from about waist to high upper upper on up and looking back on it now and knowing the bank that she probably had about 4 feet we couldn't see below the bank edge.

Her arms wer almost to the level of the road.

As we passed and got a glimps of her face the comments continued and were something like.......

OH MY GOD is she butt ugly.

Ya she is, she had a pig face, did you see that snout of a nose(there was no snout at all but a large very wide open nostraled slightly upturned nose).

Man is she ugly, she looks like she got beat with a couple ugly sticks out here in the woods.

Ya she sure as hell has one hell of an ape face.

At that moment, with the ape face comment. both of us turned to each other to see the expression on each others faces as the realization of what we may have just passed WAS.

We did not turn around. we did not go back to look ...... I honestly didn't want to.

The reason I say hooded sweat shirt is..... well we've all seen people with one on and we all know how they kind of have a pointed head where the hood is sown together. well she had the same kind of coned head. We didn't realize we were looking at hair and not a sweat shirt. She had a humanish face but man for a human she was very very hampered in the looks department.

She was definitely what I would call breasted and large roundish belly and large torso and had to be all of 8 feet if not bigger.

ALSO NOTICED: Since then, a couple other incidents might be worth a mention that I didn't think of till hearing some of the "vocalizations" recorded.

This last summer heard some sort of a light growl gutterly noise around the house. It was late mid summer and had the house all opened up for cool air. We live a ways away from people and could leave the house open at night without a problem. This noise creeped me out. I had never heard anything in the area like that before. I turned on all floods and spotlight flashlight around the house. I went outside and walked around the entire house spotlighting in hopes of seeing wha tmade that noise as it sounded like it was within 50 feet of the house. I found nothing.

The year before in mid summer again I heard this "howl" that was bigger than any howl from any dog. We got a pond near by and it sounded like it came from the pound but I wanted to see this "dog". We've all heard big dogs bark and you know when the dog is pushing 100 pounds just by the sound of his bark amplified by size of cheast. This howl went right through me it was so massive. I'd have to say it was a 200 pound plus dog and didn't put anything to it until I heard some the vocalization recordings. It was very similar to them. I couldn't what it was now..... I initially thought dog but now I just don't know. Whatever made it ...... well i'd say it was the biggest animal I'd ever heard in the woods EVER.

Never heard anything like that before or since.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself and my life long childhood friend.

OTHER STORIES: Not until reading about some the sightings in broome county from your websight. I actually live right on the border of broome and tioga. The glen aubry sighting you guys have isn't but about a 15 minute jaunt away and easily gotten there via travel through the woods.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night 1am no streetlights, very clear air no fog or weather.

ENVIRONMENT: Normal NY woods. That area is mostly hardwoods. Plenty of various woods and terrain from open hay fields to dense pine groves. It is near a couple of big ridgelines that are not housed up in the hills but housed along the roads in that area.

Sparsely housed and plenty of farms in that area

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Paul J. Mateja:

I spoke with the witness on 1/11/05. He added the following information:

- The exact date of the sighting could not be determined. The witness believes it was late October 2001, approximately 1:00 a.m.

- The witness and his friend first noticed the creature standing by the side of the road at a distance of 50 yards. They thought it was a large woman wearing a dark charcoal gray sweatshirt. The thought firmly in mind that it was a human standing beside the road resulted in initial shock it was "a very ugly human" as they passed and it turned to look at them. They quickly began to realize that it was not human at all.

The witness described the animal's features as follows:
- Height estimated between 8-9 feet. Because the creature's legs were not visible, it was not possible to gauge the actual height. The height was estimated by taking into account: it was standing 3-5 feet off the edge of the road's shoulder and the hill sloped down and away with a 70 degree steep bank. The height of the truck's passenger-side window and the creature's head were about the same level.
- Big barrel-shaped torso; large breasts; arms about 5 feet long.
- Body Hair: dark-charcoal, blackish-gray, very coarse and thick stranded; length could not be determined. (Keep in mind that the sighting occurred at night.)
- Head: large and conical shaped (similar to a person wearing a hooded sweatshirt)
- Face: Large and broad.
- Eyes: Average size, relative to the size of the head They were dark and did not produce any eye-shine.
- Nose: Very broad, up-turned nose with large open nostrils. This was its most striking feature.
- Mouth: Average in size with thin lips.
- Skin Color: Skin-tone was weathered, aged and slightly wrinkled.
- Facial Hair: Thinner towards its cheeks with face fully exposed.
- Brow Ridge: None observed. Hair may have been hanging down near its eyes obscuring a brow ridge.
- No observable neck: The witness observed that the hair from its head lay upon the shoulders concealing any neck, giving an even smooth body outline.

The creature turned its entire torso (not just its head) to look at them when it was about 10 feet in front and off the truck's front fender, just as they were about to pass it. The truck at this point had slowed to about 20 mph.

The witness observed the face for only a couple of seconds at a distance of 6-8 feet from the passenger-side window. The entire observation time from the point the creature was first spotted until it was no longer visible was about 30 seconds.

The witness has heard two vocalizations near his home. The first vocalization was quite near his house and sounded like a deep-throated growl or grunt. The second vocalization was a very powerful howl approximately 1/4 mile away. The witness is an outdoor enthusiast, ex-hunter, avid fisherman, and loves spending time in the outdoors and forest areas. He seems well versed with the various large animal vocalizations in the northeast United States including coyote, bear, and cougar, but he could not identify these two sounds. It is important to note that his home is approximately 8 miles away from the sighting incident.