DHS Squirrel
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Linn County, Oregon



  • June 2013 (Class A) - Upright bipedal animal seen rapidly crossing a clear cut near Sweet Home
  • August 2012 (Class A) - Close encounter scares hunters off their campsite east of Sweet Home
  • August 2004 (Class B) - Elk hunter hears growl, finds footprints, feces.
  • July 2001 (Class B) - Observer yells at dogs from window and hears return scream
  • July 1994 (Class B) - Witnesses report bigfoot tracks in mud along a pond; tracks led to the carcass of a beaver that appeared to have some of its entrails removed
  • November 1992 (Class B) - Massive animal seen hunched over eating something in the middle of the road
  • Summer 1970 (Class B) - Heavy steps around tent in dark scare backpackers

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