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Guernsey County, Ohio



  • October 1979 (Class B) - Two men find unusual brush structure while deer hunting 10 miles east of Cambridge
  • June 2021/06/08 (Class B) - Salt Fork boaters hear a loud, deep howl ("Ohio Howl") from adjacent shore.
  • February 2017 (Class B) - Possible sighting and casting of a print near Hosak's Cave in Salt Fork State Park
  • June 2013 (Class B) - Couple flees their camp site after a possible late night encounter at Salt Fork State Park
  • May 2013 (Class A) - Sighting of two animals walking a ridge line in Salt Fork State Park
  • July 2010 (Class B) - Possible rock throwing display while night fishing at Salt Fork State Park
  • July 2006 (Class B) - Possible sighting by teens in Salt Fork State Park
  • August 2005 (Class B) - Possible stalking near Salt Fork Lake spillway (drains into Wills Creek)
  • August 2004 (Class A) - While picnicking in early evening, a couple has sighting at Salt Fork State Park
  • August 2004 (Class A) - Man has an early morning sighting near Pleasant City
  • April 2004 (Class B) - Vocalizations heard and tracks found at Salt Fork State Park
  • May 2003 (Class A) - Large creature mistaken for roadkill stands up and runs on two legs near Salt Fork Lake State Park
  • August 1999 (Class B) - Three men are awakened by a series of loud screams identical to those of the BFRO website
  • October 1998 (Class A) - Young squirrel hunter has evening sighting on family property near Birds Run
  • October 1996 (Class A) - Bowhunter turns around to see a creature staring at him almost motionless.

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