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Media Article # 99
Article submitted by Ron Schaffner
Article prepared and posted by Matthew Moneymaker

Thursday, June 17, 1982

United States Gov't Memorandum

By Joel Hardin

The following memorandum is in regards to the June 17, 1982 alleged Bigfoot encounter by Paul Freeman.

To: Mr. Wayne Long Date: July 28, 1982 District Supervisor Walla Walla District U.S. Forest Service

From: Joel Hardin U.S. Border Patrol Bellingham, Washington

In regards to the "Bigfoot" sign or tracks you requested my assistance in examining on June 17.

My opinion is that the tracks were a very clever attempt to perpetrate a hoax, involving your office or agency, in order to lend credibility to the general public.

I base my opinion on the following conclusions after the "on sight" examination on June 17. First of all, because of the exclusion of general public traffic in this area, i. e., hiking, camping,fishing - the observation and readability of human sign is excellent.

The tracks that were examined, in two separate locations some distance apart, were identical in appearance, size, and individual characteristics, therefore conclude to have been made by the same "Bigfoot". You have pictures, casts, and measurements to compare these and I will not do so herein.

Now to the problem of who or what made the tracks. I believe they were man made by using some type of soft plaster or rubber coated foot. The tracks I examined: (1)when in soft mud failed to push down to solid matter, even in the pressure areas of the foot, the heel and ball of the foot; (2)were straight "in line" and did not show a natural swing along an irregular trail; (3)had an exact stride both uphill and downhill on an irregular trail; (4)showed exactly the same weight and body angle pressure, on heel and ball of foot uphill and downhill; (5)on hard surfaced areas or debris covered areas of the trail were ground into or squirmed into the surface in order to be readily visible; (6)finally, in both directions, the tracks appeared and disappeared on the trail with no sign leading to or away from the area.

Who made the tracks - my opinion, someone with normal access to the area, very knowledgeable and interested in "Bigfoot" legends and stories; a person large enough to implant the track device sufficient to make the sign described and of which you have the evidence.

Trusting that this memo will suffice to close this "Bigfoot" case. It was a pleasure and a privilege in investigate "Bigfoot" sign in your area. Please let me know if you require such services in the future.

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