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Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011 Monster Sightings, "The Stump Jumper"

The Stump Jumper is back!
The Two Egg - Parramore area's strange
swamp monster has made an appearance
in the area of its traditional haunts.

Described by eyewitnesses as a hairy
creature that stands upright and moves with
remarkable speed, the creature is usually
sighted in a wooded and swampy area about
one mile north of Parramore and roughly
seven miles northeast of the main Two Egg

The latest sighting took place in this area
during the first week of June. A motorist was
traveling north on Oak Grove Road from its
intersection with Circle Hill Road and saw a
strange creature bolt across the dirt road
through the glow of her headlights.

Although she had only a brief glimpse of the
monster in her headlights as darkness had
fallen, the eyewitness said that it appeared to
have long shaggy hair, was gray in color and
about or slightly below the height of a grown
man, but appeared quite bulky.

This is consistent with other sightings of the
creature, which is usually described as a
grayish or brownish "mini-Bigfoot" like
monster, although with a round head instead
of the "peaked" head often described by
eyewitnesses who say they have seen
Bigfoot. At least one eyewitness, however,
also reported that the Stump Jumper has a
"raccoon-like tail."

The latest eyewitness did not observe a
noticeable tail, but indicates she was so
stunned by its sudden appearance that she
might not have noticed one.

The sighting is typical of others. The creature
has almost always been seen in and near
the small, swampy ponds north of Parramore
crossroads and usually only as it is crossing
the road or running away into the darkness.

It has never been seen in daylight hours,
prompting most to believe it is nocturnal in its

What made this sighting different, however,
is that it did leave behind some physical
evidence. A search of the area on the day
after the monster was spotted running
across the road revealed unusual footprints
crossing a plowed fire lane about 200 yards
from the sighting location.

The prints were approximately 8 inches long
and were rather bizarre. They were of a foot
that appeared to have a large "big toe" or
thumb and then two smaller toes, creating an
almost "hand-like" appearance, minus two
fingers or toes.

The monster story is a growing part of the
lore of the Two Egg - Parramore area. .

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