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Article submitted by Stan Courtney

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Web site tells of five southeastern Illinois bigfoot encounters

By Brian DeNeal
Harrisburg Daily Register

The Big Foot Research Organization has received over the past five years at least five reports of close encounters with bigfoot-type creatures in Southeastern Illinois.

Do the reports convince me there is a bigfoot in our area? No. But then I'm more skeptical than most people. I thought I saw a whole heard of bigfeet once, but they were magical, because before my eyes they transformed into whitetail deer. That said, I don't think these people are nuts and if I was standing there with them when they saw what they have said they saw I may be singing the praises of bigfoot to anyone patient enough to listen.

Whatever your beliefs on bigfoot, the tales on the Web site of -- which searches bigfoot encounters nationally by state and county -- make for some good reading.

A father and daughter say they saw a bigfoot near what I believe to be Garden of the Gods Wilderness and believe it ran its fingers through the dust on their Ford Explorer. A boy out deer hunting in Mitchellsville says he spotted the beast lumbering through the woods. A couple camping at Williams Hill Pass heard an unearthly scream in the woods. A group near Iron Furnace say a creature hurled big rocks at them, putting their $10,000 telescope in peril. A Rosiclare family say they heard screams in the woods near their house. A man looking for cougars Bell Smith Springs says he heard bigfoot knocking logs together.

This link takes you to the three Saline County stories. To see the others go to Pope and Hardin county on the Web site's map.

BFRO Reports: Saline County, Illinois

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