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Media Article # 611
Article prepared and posted by Beth Heikkinen

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Song from Burnt Mountain

By Richard Dobbs
Sequim Gazette

For years now, we have been hearing the vocal calls come down from Burnt Mountain in late afternoon as I quietly tend to the applie trees and berry bushes here in the middle of Happy Valley. The calls are heard almost daily, a HO-ho sound. Then off in the east, a reply, then another farther along.

So, there are now more than just the one creature up there. Also, the calls are now heard just before the sun goes down. They were in the past heard for a couple hours in late afternoon.

As people continue to build more and more homes on the mountainside and clearcut the woods around them, the creatures' habitat is reduced. The use of double glazing on windows and insulation-packed walls cuts down on noise heard from outside. The loud volume of these bigfoot calls would rattle the foundation of these hillside homes, as they are heard miles away here in the center of Happy Valley.

A couple days ago, we had a visitor from the bigfoot society come for a listen and was not disappointed by the creatures' howling and when others joined in, we were amazed at the number of calls from east of our position.

Normally these creatures are found in a line from Joyce to Forks, here in Clallam County. Its not just fictitious vampires and werewolves "Twilight" and "New Moon" fans have to contend with around here when you have these creatures in your nearby woods. Of course, the local dogs and coyotes joined in with the "song of the setting sun."

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