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Article submitted by Stan Courtney
Article prepared and posted by Stan Courtney

Tuesday, June 26, 1973

Big, muddy 'critter' sighted at Big Muddy

Carbondale Southern Illinoisan

Tracks, screams

Is there really a monster from the Big Muddy River?

Murphysboro police and Jackson County authorities spent several hours early today trying to find out.

The answer is still awaited:

The physical facts included:

A couple parked near the boat launch area just east of Riverside Park said they definitely saw something about midnight:

Police found tracks near the scene:

Police heard unusual screams in the distance, while checking the scene.

Murphysboro Police said the tracks appear to be "some type of animal," and said that screams heard appeared to be from some type of bobcat.

Police were called about midnight, when a man reported he had seen what he described as a "7-foot-tall mud-covered and light-haired man" walking toward his car.

A companion in the car reported she had heard screams, shortly before the man was seen.

The man told police he saw the man walking toward his car and "took off."

Police returned to the scene and found footprints in a muddy area where the man indicated he had seen the figure.

Police said animal screams were heard in the distance about 3 a.m. as officers continued their investigation.

Right now the incident remains "open" on police records, pending further information, or another appearance of whatever it is.

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