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Media Article # 576

Friday, April 15, 1938

Hairy Wild Man Sought In Swamp

The Oshkosh Northwestern

Anniston, Ala. - (UP) - A wild man who runs on all fours, chases dogs and frightens farmers is being sought in a dense swamp in the Choccolocco valley.

Sheriff W. P. cotton led a posse in search of the strange beast which, farmers insisted, was accompanied by a woman and a child - both as savage in appearance and actions as the man.

Rex Biddle, a farmer, told Sheriff Cotton that the man approached his home walking on all fours in the manner of an ape.

"He was about five feet tall, and had hair all over his body," Biddle said. "He was unclothed. Despite his beastlike appearance, his nose and other features indicated he was human."

Biddle said he reached for his gun but didn't shoot because "I did know whether that would be legal."

Roy Storey, annother farmer, said the creature followed him for a time and then "dropped to all fours and chased my pet dog into the swamp."

Residents of the district petitioned the sheriff to "catch this thing or we are moving out."

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