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Tuesday, November 7, 1786

An account of a remarkable Wild man Essex, London

The Daily Universal Register

IN the year 1774, a savage or wild man, was discovered by the sheperds, who feed their flocks in the neighborhood of the forest of Yuary. This man, who inhabited the rocks that lay near the forest, was very tall, covered with hair like a bear, nimble as the Hisars, of a gay humour, and, in all appearance, of a mild character, as he neither did, nor seemed to intend, harm to any body. He often visited the cottages, without ever attempting to carry anything off. He had no knowledge of bread, milk, or cheese. His greatest amusement was to see the sheep running, and to fxxxer them; and he rexxxied his pleasure at this sight by loud fits of laughter, but never attempted to hurt those innocent animals. When the shepherds (as was frequently the case) let loose their dogs after him, he fled with the swiftness of an arrow shot from a bow, and never allowed the dogs to come too near him. One morning he came to the cottage of some workmen, and one of them endeavoring to get near him, and catch him by the leg, he laughed heartily, and then made his escape. He seemed to be about thirty years of age. As the forest in question is very extensive, and has a communication with the vast woods that belong to the Spanish territory, it is natural to suppose that this solitary, but cheerful creature, had been lost in his infancy, and had subsisted on herbs.

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