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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mostly Nuts & Bolts

By Candace Segar
Island Times

I want to tell you about an adventure that I had the other day with a friend of mine. He is into tracking Sasquatch better known as Bigfoot and is a founding member of the SE BFRO Tracking Team. Actually I have two friends, both engineers, who are very interested in Bigfoot. I really wasnít sure what one did to try and find a Bigfoot, (not to be confused with the Waters sisters who have really big feet), so I thought it would be great fun to tag along. I was not disappointed. There is a lot to tracking Bigfoot. Here are some basic pointers.

What to bring:

1.Fruit that is preferably local to the geographic area. (We brought bananas, apples and pears; something you can imagine a big ape would like),
2.Trinkets such as little toys or brightly colored objects,
3.A jar of peanut butter with the cap partially unscrewed,
4.Infrared game cameras,
5.Digital audio recorders which are sound activated,
6.Food and water for the trackers,
8.Walkie talkies
9.GPS tracking device/ compass,
10.Cell phone,
11.Tape measure,
12.Tracking stick (to measure stride and size of foot print),
13.Evidence bag for collecting DNA and hair samples, and
14.Notebook and pen.

What to look for:

There are various signs that can signify that Bigfoot is in the area. Look for the following: 1. tracks, 2. scat (poop), 3. Stick structures, and 4.rock stacks.

What signals may imply that a Bigfoot is near:

1.Strong urine smell/wet dog smell, strong acrid smell
2.Birds taking flight,
3.Dogs barking
4.Strange howling or whooping noises,
5.Rocks being thrown at tracker,
6.Tree knocking,
7.Tree weaving
8.Rock clacking.
9.Bipedal Footsteps

With our supplies we headed out to find two secluded wooded areas to set up and create the Sasquatch gift village also identified as the camera trap. That was the really fun part. Imagine being a decorator in the woods for Bigfoot. Come on, imagine it. Itís great. We set up the cameras and audio equipment as well as the decorations and food. It looked really neat when we left.
There were also some of the signals that alerted us that we might have visitors. I donít know for sure. I canít wait to see the pictures. We have to leave everything in tact for at least a week, but a month is preferable. If we get a good picture readers, you better believe you will get to see it. Happy Mardi Gras. Have a howling good time.

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