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Monday, October 29, 2007

Bigfoot Images Captured By Local Hunter. Researchers Believe Pictures Are Of Juvenile Sasquatch

ELK COUNTY, Pa. -- It's furry, walks on all fours, doesn't have a tail and is apparently not a bear.

The only thing certain at the moment is that the images caught by an Elk County hunter have stirred new Internet debate about the existence of Bigfoot -- or Sasquatch, as believers call the creature of folklore.

The hunter, Rick Jacobs, said he planted the stationary tree camera to try to find a handsome buck.

Instead, on Sept. 16, the camera caught images of an unusual creature in Allegheny National Forest, about 115 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Rangers there said the animal is likely a skinny, mangy bear.

Jacob said that after a week of trying to decipher the image, he contacted the Bigfoot Research Organization.

Researchers said they believe the images are of a young Bigfoot -- or juvenile Sasquatch.

Some Clearfield County residents said they were intrigued by the photos.

"By the pictures it's really hard to tell, but it doesn't look like anything I've seen before," Debra Nestor said.

Jacobs said he can't release the exact location of his potential find because the Bigfoot Research Organization is worried people will destroy the animal's habitat.

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